• A revival of ABC’s Lost should explain the true story behind the numbers and their relation to the Valenzetti Equation, as they are an integral part of the series and one of the biggest mysteries from the original show.
  • The presence of polar bears, dangerous secrets, and a smoke monster on the mysterious island add to the intrigue and conflict faced by the survivors of the plane crash.
  • The significance of the numbers in Lost goes beyond Jacob assigning them to the survivors; they are connected to the Valenzetti Equation, which predicts the end of the world and raises questions about the fate of humanity in a potential revival.

Despite ending in 2010, ABC’s Lost needs a revival to explain the true story behind the numbers and how they relate to the Valenzetti Equation. By the time the long-running series ended with Lost season 6, it had several unresolved mysteries that could feature in a revival, including the meaning behind the enigmatic numbers that appear frequently throughout the show. If a revival happens, these numbers need to be integral to the series, as they are very exigent, could add to a revival’s stakes, and are one of the biggest mysteries from the original show.

Lost tells the story of the survivors of a plane crash who find themselves stranded on a mysterious tropical island. As the characters attempt to stay alive and escape the island, they uncover mysteries and dangerous secrets hidden within the jungle. This includes other groups of people with whom they come into conflict. Some of the most infamous recurring mysteries are the presence of polar bears on the island, a dangerous smoke monster, the DHARMA Initiative, and a recurring sequence of numbers that appears in seemingly unrelated locations.

The Numbers’ Real Meaning In Lost Explained

Jacob reads a book in Lost

One of the major questions from Lost involves a recurring series of numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. These numbers crop up frequently throughout the series, appearing in various locations prior to positive and negative events. They’re broadcasted from a radio tower on the island and etched into the side of the mysterious hatch containing medicine and supplies. They also make up the code Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) uses to prevent an unknown catastrophe, and they’re the numbers Hurley (Jorge Garcia) uses to win the lottery prior to the crash — an event that’s, surprisingly, to his detriment.

As Lost continues, it reveals that Jacob (Mark Pellegrino), a god-like being who protects the island, uses the numbers to delineate the arrival of potential protectors. Once each person arrives, primarily due to the plane crash that kicks off the series, Jacob assigns each of them a number that correlates to the degree his lighthouse is set at when he spies on each person. Each number specifically corresponds to John Locke (Terry O’Quinn), Hurley, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Jack (Matthew Fox), and either Sun (Yunjin Kim) or Jin (Daniel Dae Kim).

A Lost Sequel Must Address The Valenzetti Equation & End Of Humanity

A scientist of the DHARMA Initiative presents a video in Lost

Despite the revelation that Jacob applies the numbers to the survivors, this can’t be the only explanation for their inclusion. When Lost season 2 aired in 2006, ABC, Channel 4, and Channel 7 developed an alternate reality game dubbed The Lost Experience. The game used websites, voicemails, TV and newspaper ads, and a novel to give players clues that related to the series and added supplemental material to the story. The game was even verified as canonical, and it played a key role in exploring the importance of the Numbers, specifically by explaining the Valenzetti Equation, which is the reason for the DHARMA Initiative’s existence.

The equation is derived from the fictional mathematician Enzo Valenzetti, who developed the method in 1960 to predict the end of the world. The Lost Experience reveals that the equation uses the values 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, with the general idea that if any of these values are changed, the end times will not occur. Despite the equation’s significance, it does not appear often in Lost, making it and the numbers a massive mystery. A revival would have to deal with this and show whether the world is doomed or saved after the numbers change.

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Lost’s Numbers Teased A Bigger Story Than The Man In Black

The survivors on the beach in Lost

With the numbers potentially heralding the end of humanity, it’s incredible that Lost ends up focusing more on the Man in Black and his conflict with Jacob. There are theories that the island candidates corresponding to the numbers of the Valenzetti Equation means that their stopping the Man In Black solved it. Even if this is true, it hints that there is more to the story than the two brothers on the island. At the very least, while the Man In Black and the numbers could certainly be related, the fact that the series does not reveal whether stopping him saved the world still makes the apocalypse possible. This could be an avenue to explore if Lost ever gets a revival.

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