Dark Reign: Young Avengers introduced a new character, the fake Asgardian “Enchantress,” eventually revealed to be created by the villainous Loki.

The powerful “Asgardian” sorceress Sylvie Lushton – introduced in Dark Reign: Young Avengers – was revealed to be empowered and theoretically brought to life by the then-villainous Loki, proving just how much more powerful Loki is than their brother Thor.

Thor and Loki are epically powerful gods from the Norse-inspired realm of Asgard, both powered by humanity’s belief in them, but it is often shown that the God of Thunder Thor is much more “powerful” than his sibling Loki. However, Loki’s anti-heroic era of the past few years has consistently underplayed their incredible magical might. Loki literally creating life – in the form of “daughter” Sylvie Lushton aka the second Enchantress – just to mess with the Avengers, easily shows that while they might not be a powerful fighter, they are certainly more cosmically strong than their brother Thor Odinson.

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Loki Is So Powerful, They Can Literally Create Life

Dark Reign Young Avengers Loki Creating Enchantress

The young Enchantress, or Sylvie Lushton, was introduced in Dark Reign: Young Avengers – written by Paul Cornell with art by Mark Brooks – as a member of Melter and Coat of Arms’ fake “Young Avengers” squad. After eventually coming into contact with the true Young Avengers, the secrets of Sylvie’s past slowly comes to light, secrets that were unknown even to the young woman herself. To Sylvie’s knowledge she was a normal young woman who grew up in Broxton, Oklahoma, until Thor moved the realm of Asgard to her city, after which she apparently manifested her powers. Taking the name Enchantress after the original villain Amora, Sylvie began talking in a fake – and truly terrible – Asgardian accent, before joining the “Young Avengers” in her quest to eventually be accepted into the real Young Avengers. The truth of Sylvie’s past is first revealed to the readers during a discussion between Loki – in their infamous Lady Loki form from the Dark Reign era – and Norman Osborne. Loki tells him, “I like the idea of creating a mortal who suspects she’s one of my kind,” hinting that this being’s identity confusion would lead to mischief, most likely for Loki’s foes the Avengers.

When Melter’s “Young Avengers” have their first face-off against Patriot’s team of Young Avengers, Sylvie is paired against Wiccan, who is incredibly shocked at the strength of her magical abilities. He tells Hulkling that even she has no idea how powerful she truly is. After putting the fake Young Avengers through a day of trials, Sylvie is the only one to be accepted onto the real Young Avengers team, until she is kicked out after Wiccan discovers that she is Loki’s “daughter.” It is truly wild to think that Loki is able to create life on a whim. While it isn’t officially confirmed that Loki created Sylvie from scratch (as opposed to imposing their will on an already living mortal), it certainly seems like that is the case, meaning Loki at any given time has cosmically powerful abilities on par with their father Odin. Loki’s brother Thor is undoubtedly a powerful being, certainly one of the Avengers’ biggest hitters, and yet his “power” is typically reserved to fighting battles with his might, not using existentially powerful abilities like his sibling. Loki’s more recent anti-heroic era has dampened their power levels at times – like having them rely on the might of the Dark Celestials in the first run of Jason Aaron’s Avengers – instead of using their own abilities. But the creation of Sylvie indelibly proves that Loki has always been more powerful than Thor.

Loki’s Enchantress Is An Incredibly Powerful Being

Dark Reign Young Avengers Enchantress Attacking Wiccan

Not only is it impressive that Loki could have created life in the form of Sylvie Lushton, but it is even wilder to see just how much power the young woman wields. Sylvie Lushton proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Loki is, and always has been, more powerful than their brother Thor, proven even more true by their recent reveal as the “Avenger Prime”.

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