ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from Liason Season 1—Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack featuring music by award-winning composer Walter Mair (The Bricklayer, The Unfamiliar). Check out the track “Liason Theme” below and you can order the soundtrack here.

“From hi-impact driven action scenes to the more suspenseful love story underneath the series, the music had to span a wide range of emotions,” says Mair. “Especially the underlying tragedy of the lead characters required a strong theme that carries us through the series. Lush orchestral themes recorded at Abbey Road and Air Studios in London were combined with throbbing beats and deep modular synth soundscapes, blended with experimental textures recorded on strings.”

Check out the track from the Liason soundtrack below:

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack digitally on February 24. Mair, no stranger to composing music for high-intensity projects, masterfully weaves rich orchestrations recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Air Studios London with pulsating electronics, providing a multi-faceted backdrop to the high-stakes contemporary thriller. The first season of the Apple TV+ original series starring Vincent Cassel and Eva Green debuts globally on February 24.

Track List: 

  1. Liaison Theme
  2. DGSE Headquarter
  3. Damascus
  4. Are You Using Me?
  5. Home Office
  6. Destroying The Setup
  7. Samir At Dunkirk
  8. Attack On Alison
  9. Good Day Mister President
  10. Embrace
  11. Alison Meets Gabriel
  12. Refugee Camp
  13. European Headquarters
  14. Hobbs Questions Alison
  15. Video Tape
  16. The Bunker
  17. Hitmen
  18. Sleeping Beside Each Other
  19. Stuck On Coast
  20. Go Home
  21. A Sacrifice
  22. Moment Of Truth
  23. Find Him
  24. Departure
  25. Take Over

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