The Office star Rainn Wilson recently criticized HBO’s The Last of Us for an anti-Christian bias. The popular live-action video game adaptation focuses on the relationship between weathered survivor Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Ramsey) as they traverse across a post-apocalyptic United States to the Fireflies, a revolutionary faction that intends to save the world. Along their journey, the pair encounter a variety of enemies including David (Scott Shepard), a violent religious cult leader that manipulates his people through fear.


Wilson recently took to social media to criticize The Last of Us for a perceived anti-Christian bias.

The actor used the popular HBO series and its character David as an example of a perpetual Hollywood stereotype that portrays “Bible-reading” preachers as “horrific” villains. After the tweet gained traction in the news, Wilson clarified that he is not Christian and wanted to point out a trope in cinema that he believes should not exist.

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Is HBO’s The Last of Us Anti-Christian?

David preaching in The Last of Us episode 8

David was introduced in The Last of Us episode 8, a direct adaptation of the Winter chapter of the original video game. Much of the episode’s narrative closely adhered to the source material. However, the series expanded on David’s role, expressly making him a preacher, and giving him a detailed backstory rooted in religion. Where the game only hinted at David’s possible religious proclivities, the HBO show made his Christian faith a core part of the character.

Although Wilson pointed out the existence of the trope in The Last of Us, it appears the show’s use of David simply sparked the actor to share his irritation with it in Hollywood. However, series co-creator and writer Craig Mazin previously discussed David and his community in the show’s official podcast, explaining how he believes theocracies are often a “terrible” system of rule compared to one of secular law. Original game creator and series co-creator Neil Druckmann also compared the Cordyceps fungus’ nature of being fruitful, multiplying, and protecting its own through violence to organized religion.

HBO’s The Last of Us makes no statement regarding the Christian faith. However, Mazin and Druckmann’s views on organized religion, specifically used as a system of control, spilled onto the page when writing the series. With The Last of Us Part II set to be adapted for season 2, audiences will have more to discuss regarding religion if one of the game’s primary antagonistic fundamentalist groups is brought over to the series.

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