A fan of The Last of Us has painstakingly recreated Bill and Frank’s fortress town in The Sims. HBO’s The Last of Us was already off to a massive start after its first two episodes, which perfectly set up its post-apocalyptic world, and its main characters Joel and Ellie. The show then took off on an unexpected side road for episode 3, introducing the characters of Bill and Frank, an unlikely couple surviving the apocalypse together inside an entire town turned into a fortress by survivalist Bill.


Now a Last of Us fan has paid homage to that memorable Bill and Frank episode by painstakingly recreating their town inside The Sims and posting the video to YouTube.

The level of detail inside Isambardy’s build is truly amazing, as they capture all the important bits of Bill and Frank’s slice of Lincoln, Massachusetts – which according to the show is ten miles outside of Boston, though Stephen King and other New Englanders would take issue with that particular geographical detail. Interiors are given the same level of attention as exteriors, resulting in a recreation that the meticulous Bill himself might be proud of.

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Bill And Frank’s Episode Was Controversial, But Crucial To The Last of Us

Bill and Frank in The Last of Us

Featuring Nick Offerman as Bill and Murray Bartlett as Frank, The Last of Us episode 3 was controversial for more than just playing fast-and-loose with the geography of the state of Massachusetts. It also came under fire from some quarters for its depiction of a loving same-sex relationship, touching off a review-bombing campaign and leading Offerman himself to speak out in the episode’s defense.

Despite the odd bit of backlash from some quarters, The Last of Us episode 3 was roundly praised by critics and fans alike. As a standalone episode, it delivered touching television drama, expertly played by Offerman and Bartlett. In the bigger Last of Us picture, the episode demonstrated that HBO’s newest prestige hit could tug on the heartstrings as well as thrill, raising the dramatic stakes on the entire series.

The Last of Us has obviously carried on past episode 3 to deliver more outstanding TV drama, but that episode continues to be singled out for discussion, and may ultimately go down as the most-praised episode of The Last of Us season 1. Talk about which is the best episode of the season will have to wait however, as The Last of Us season 1 still has one installment left to deliver, this Sunday night on HBO.

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