• Kim Cattrall’s cameo in And Just Like That season 2 featured an improvised moment where she kisses the phone, adding a nice touch to the scene.
  • Cattrall filmed her cameo separately and had no interactions with Sarah Jessica Parker or other cast members, reflecting the real-life estrangement between them.
  • Despite the behind-the-scenes conflict, there is still interest in potentially reuniting Cattrall’s character with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in future seasons of the show.

Samantha Jones’ And Just Like That season 2 cameo has an improvised moment from Kim Cattrall. After only being referenced in the debut year of the Sex and the City revival, Cattrall finally made a physical appearance in the Max series. Samantha’s cameo was one of, if not the most anticipated moment in And Just Like That season 2, and despite how brief it was, it was still a treat to see her back on the screen. In the And Just Like That season 2 finale, Samantha, who now lives in London, called Carrie to apologize for missing her apartment’s farewell party. She was meant to make a last-minute trip to New York City for the occasion, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Once she hung up, Samantha thanked the iconic brownstone for everything as her way to bid it farewell. She then ended the scene with a kiss on the phone, something that wasn’t in the script, as revealed by writer, director, and executive producer Michael Patrick King on And Just Like That… The Writers Room podcast (via EW). Read his full quote below:

“Then the phone call’s over and something amazing happens after they say goodbye, which is Samantha kisses the phone.

“Not in the script. It’s just totally a moment of an actor playing the moment and it’s really nice.”

Will Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Finally Reunite With Carrie In And Just Like That Season 3?

Samantha and Carrie in Sex and the City

The And Just Like That season 2 scene featured Carrie and Samantha talking over the phone, but in reality, they were filmed separately. This means that Cattrall didn’t have any interactions with Sarah Jessica Parker or any other cast member. Instead, it was an isolated session that was stitched in with the rest of the scene. Despite Cattrall’s cameo, she remains estranged from Parker following their public feud. She had been adamant about not reprising her role in And Just Like That, but changed her mind due to the nature of her guest appearance.

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Considering Cattrall’s latest cameo, however, there is interest in potentially seeing her reunite with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte properly in the future. And Just Like That is officially renewed for season 3, which gives Max plenty of time to stage the much-clamored reunion. As Samantha now lives in London, it may be difficult to regularly feature her, but she could be open to coming back to the States for a weekend with the girls. King and the rest of And Just Like That‘s writers have a lot of options on how to move forward with this idea.

The biggest hindrance to this possibly happening is obviously the behind-the-scenes conflict between Cattrall and her Sex and the City co-stars. While Samantha and Carrie are still great friends in And Just Like That, things are very different in real life. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon.

Source: And Just Like That… The Writers Room (via EW)

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