Filmmaker Kevin Smith responds to one of his DC Comics characters appearing in Superman & Lois season 3. While The CW is a few superheroes shows short this year, the DC TV franchise is still going forward. Superman & Lois is finally back as season 3 premiered this week, taking place a few weeks after season 2. The season 3 premiere wasted no time getting into its next arc. One of the new players that arrived was DC Comics’ Onomatopoeia, who is a seldom-seen Green Arrow villain in DC Comics. The character, who made his debut in the DC in 2002, was created by Smith during his Green Arrow run.


Following the airing of the Superman & Lois season 3 premiere, Smith has responded to his character showing up. In a new interview with Comic Book, Smith got to give his reaction to the Arrowverse drama using Onomatopoeia in live-action. For Smith, it was a surprise that Superman & Lois was introducing Onomatopoeia. While he wasn’t informed that they were using him, Smith is excited to see where they go with him, sharing the following:

Well this is a huge surprise! My Green Arrow villain, that I’ve mostly successfully kept from being used without my involvement for decades, is now being used without my involvement. I hope Phil Hester and I have a ‘created by’ credit somewhere on the show. And if the character continues, I hope that they at least call me to direct an episode with Onomatopoeia in it. Because I have been known to direct stuff from time to time. Not well, mind you, but still.

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How Onomatopoeia Fits Into Superman & Lois Season 3

Onomatopoeia In The Arrowverse

Onomatopoeia is a Green Arrow foe, and the character almost made his way into Arrow back in the earlier seasons. However, with Superman & Lois bringing this character to life, the bigger question is how they fit into season 3. According to showrunner Brent Fletcher, the story about Onomatopoeia will expand throughout the season. Based on the Superman & Lois season 3 premiere, she is heavily tied to Bruno Mannheim.

Onomatopoeia, the show’s newest evil force, seems to be serving as the show’s super-powered antagonist, while Bruno and Lex Luthor will function as the human villains. With show-specific powers, Onomatopoeia may be able to physically fight the Man of Steel. Given that this interpretation is much different than the comics’ character, who doesn’t have meta-human powers, it’s unclear which direction the story may take.

It’s unclear yet which other characters with powers outside of Onomatopoeia Superman & Lois season 3 will introduce. What is refreshing is to see Superman & Lois using villains who aren’t exclusive Man of Steel antagonists. It would make for interesting world-building if this Onomatopoeia reveals past clashes with this world’s Green Arrow since the show isn’t on Earth-Prime. As Superman & Lois season 3 progresses, it will be intriguing to see where Onomatopoeia goes next.

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