• Keenan has consistently let Kay Kay down and has not treated her with respect on Love Island USA.
  • Despite Kay Kay remaining loyal, Keenan has gotten to know multiple other female contestants, showing a lack of commitment.
  • Kay Kay has other options available to her and deserves better than Keenan’s disrespectful behavior.

Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray and Keenan Anunay seemed like a match made in Love Island USA heaven in the beginning, but it’s clear now that Kay Kay deserves so much better. The two coupled up on day one at the villa and have become the only day one islanders to never recouple. They seemed like they were set to become the strongest couple of the season, but since then, Keenan has let Kay Kay down over and over again.

Keenan’s set on getting to know other Love Island USA contestants to test their connection, and while Kay Kay is open, Keenan hasn’t been very respectful to her. He’s gotten to know every female bombshell that enters the villa and has been taking things pretty far with Najah Fleary during Casa Amor, while Kay Kay has remained loyal. Clearly, Kay Kay deserves better than Keenan.

Keenan Has Taken Kay Kay For Granted On Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 5 Keenan Anunay

Kay Kay has been loyal and respectful of Keenan since the day they both coupled up at the Love Island USA villa. They even became the first couple to go to the hideaway, but quickly after that, Keenan was getting to know new female bombshells. He got to know Kassy Castillo after she called things off with Leonardo Dionicio, then he got to know Emily Chavez when she entered the villa and Imani Wheeler right before Casa Amor.

Before Kay Kay left for Casa Amor, Keenan said he had an epiphany and wanted to tell Kay Kay he only wants to be with her. However, this must have slipped his mind during all the intimate moments between him and Najah. Kay Kay has allowed him to get to know other islanders but is tired of waiting around for him to decide that he wants to be with her. The other female Love Island USA contestants understand what a catch Kay Kay is, but Keenan doesn’t seem to see how incredible she is and how lucky he is to be with her.

Kay Kay Has Plenty Of Other Options At Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 5 - Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray montage wearing green outfit

Kay Kay doesn’t have to keep allowing Keenan to disrespect her because she has other options at Love Island USA. It’s a shame Keenan has strung Kay Kay along for this long, as after Casa Amor, most islanders should be in a couple and have a strong connection. Kay Kay’s best choice would be to recouple with someone else because she deserves better than Keenan.

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Bombshell Mike Stark was interested in Kay Kay before Casa Amor, but she was pretty closed off because Keenan was still at the front of her mind. At Casa Amor, Brandon Janse Van Vuuren has expressed how interested he is in her, but she hasn’t given him the same attention because she’s set on returning to the villa single and reuniting with Keenan. Unfortunately, Keenan is never going to treat Kay Kay the way she deserves to be treated, and it would be best if she found someone new on Love Island USA.

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