Katie Thurston (from The Bachelorette) and Nick Uhlenhuth (from The Circle and Perfect Match) are sparking celebrity romance rumors. Katie, who engaged in high-profile romances with John Hersey and Blake Moynes, appears to have been single since 2022. Nick, who most recently appeared in the inaugural season of Netflix’s Perfect Match, hasn’t been linked to a serious love interest since his rise to reality TV notoriety.

Nick, an MIT graduate who previously worked for Microsoft, resides in Austin, Texas. He has an Instagram, which is primarily populated with gym photos and pictures of his beloved dog, Murphy. In contrast, Katie, who was dumped by John in 2022, lives in San Diego. She fills her Instagram page with marketing and promotion for her comedy career. However, when the two rang in the New Year together in the wee hours of 2023, an overlap in Nick and Katie’s social media presence was noted.

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Nick Uhlenhuth & Katie Thurston Spent New Year’s Eve Together

As of March 2023, it is still being determined whether Katie and Nick are a couple. Although Nick appears solo with Katie among group shots in the Instagram post, this is the only online hint that the two may be together. According to one TikTok user, Zachary Reality, the two were photographed kissing on New Year’s Eve, but this is the only concrete evidence of a relationship thus far. Since Katie is notably single, and Nick doesn’t appear to have stayed with Love Is Blind’s Lauren “LC” Chamblin after Perfect Match (which featured singles from Netflix reality TV shows), it’s certainly possible that they’re an item.

Katie Thurston & Nick Uhlenhuth Could Be Hiding Their Romance

In her excited caption, Katie didn’t give her followers too many romantic hints, saying, “I used to hate having a birthday so close to the New Year but now I love it! It’s this full circle moment each year that marks a brand new chapter. I’m excited to be 32 in 2023. In my gut, I just know, this is going to be one hell of a year and I’m so excited! My 2023 mantra: Watch me.

However, Nick also posted fun photos of the occasion, including a picture of him and Katie (who is open about her Bachelorette experience) dancing. “I couldn’t be more stoked for 2023,” the reality TV alum captioned, “I truly think it’s gonna be an incredible year of personal growth and adventure. Buckle up!!!” Speculation about a possible relationship between The Bachelorette and The Circle alums soon began, based on their respective Instagram posts.

If Katie and Nick are a couple, their desire for privacy may be due to the scrutiny surrounding her previous (and very public) relationships. After getting eliminated during week two in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, she starred in The Bachelorette. In her season of the hit reality dating show, Blake Moynes stole her heart, but the two called it quits in October 2021.

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However, by November 2021, Katie and John Hersey, another contestant from The Bachelorette who didn’t receive Katie’s final rose, were a pair. However, media sources confirmed their breakup in June 2022. The media’s intense interest in her relationship status may have made Katie less than thrilled to advertise a new flame.

For his part, Nick, also known as “Daddy Nick” from The Circle season 3, engaged in numerous flings during his time on Perfect Match. At first, he paired up with The Circle’s Savannah Palacio, but the union was purely strategic. After that, he was linked with Too Hot To Handle’s Izzy Fairthorne, The Circle: France’s Ines Tazi, and Twentysomethings: Austin’s Abbey Humphreys. After ending the show paired with Love Is Blind’s LC, he appeared to leave the show ostensibly matchless, even after trying to shoot his shot with Perfect Match’s villain, Francesca Farago.

So far, the only hints viewers have that “Daddy Nick” from Perfect Match and Katie are in a relationship are the photos from New Year’s Eve featuring solo shots and a midnight kiss. However, neither of them has appeared be connected to anyone else since then, either. It’s fair to say there is a distinct possibility that Nick and Katie are together, and are biding their time before announcing it to the public.

After the amount of attention that Katie has received for previous relationships and engagements, this desire for privacy makes sense. The former Bachelorette and Perfect Match star appear to have a friendship. Nonetheless, if there is more love in the cards for the female reality alum, that has yet to be revealed.

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