Despite taking Ross McHarg back several times on Below Deck season 10, Katie Glaser says she would never accept his behavior off the show.

Below Deck‘s Ross McHarg has done a great job at making Katie Glaser look bad, but she says she’d never be with him in the real world. Katie and Ross sparked up a romance quickly into the show’s 10th season. Unfortunately, their fling hasn’t been as sweet as Ben Willoughby and Camille’s was. Ross has disrespected Katie more than Alissa Humber disrespected Captain Sandy Yawn before her firing. Ross showed Katie affection and told her how much he cared about her, only to get drunk on nights off and start flirting with Alissa. However, Katie continues to take him back every time he messes up.

Though, Below Deck season 10 deckhand Katie says if it weren’t for the show, she would never stay with Ross.

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Katie said her romance with Ross was for fun while working on the boat together, but is not something she would have entertained in her daily life. “I would never put up with that type of behavior in my normal life or in a relationship,” Katie said. “So, I kind of realized as things progressed that like, let’s chalk it up as a fun experience, live in the moment. But, after the boat, we realized there was nothing there.” Katie says she initially felt a connection when she met Ross but realized that things weren’t going to work out off of Below Deck.

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Below Deck‘s Katie Was Hurt By Ross Flirting With Alissa

Katie Glaser from Below Deck season 10

The Below Deck star also admitted that she was genuinely hurt by Ross and Alissa flirting with each other because even though she wouldn’t put up with him outside of the show, she did still have feelings for him. Katie also said she had fun with her and Ross’ relationship to avoid making things awkward for the rest of the season. As for what it was like dating her boss, Katie said she knew there were consequences, and if things went wrong, she would make things awkward for everyone on board.

It’s good that Katie sees how toxic her dynamic with Ross was. He treated her terribly on Below Deck season 10 and continuing a relationship after the show would have only made things worse. It’s understandable why she didn’t want to make things awkward for everyone on the boat. However, she still should have ended things with Ross. Their fling has been great entertainment this season, but that doesn’t mean Katie should allow the Bosun to keep disrespecting her. There are plenty of ways they could have ended their fling without making things awkward.

Had Katie and Ross agreed to end things on good terms and remained friends, everything would have been fine for the crew members. Though, if Katie said she had fun with Ross on Below Deck season 10, then maybe things weren’t as bad as they seemed in the episodes. Still, Katie’s best decision was not seeing Ross outside of the show because real life is not the same as reality tv. Katie is better off finding someone who treats her right and is faithful, which Ross proved he is not capable of doing.

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