• Love Island USA rarely features same-sex couples, so Kassy and Johnnie getting together is surprising and refreshing.
  • Despite their initial issues and the drama surrounding Casa Amor, Kassy and Johnnie’s friendship evolved and they expressed feelings for each other.
  • Given the history and events on Love Island USA season 5, Kassy and Johnnie’s attraction to each other is the most unexpected twist.

Kassy Castillo and Johnnie Garcia have been through a lot at the Love Island USA villa, but no islanders expected them to get together. Kassy was a day one islander this season, while Johnnie entered the villa as a Casa Amor bombshell. Leonardo Dionicio and Kassy were coupled up before Casa Amor, but once they were separated, Kassy connected with Matia Marcantuoni, and Leo connected with Johnnie.

While Kassy remained respectful of Leo while pursuing things with Matia at Casa Amor, Leo and Johnnie had sex, and Kassy was disgusted when she found out. Luckily, Kassy began to heal from the incident and didn’t hold it against Johnnie. Their friendship has since evolved, as the two admitted in the recent Love Island USA episode that they have feelings for each other. For several reasons, this is quite shocking.

The Love Island Franchise Rarely Features Same-Sex Couples

Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon on Love Island

One reason Kassy and Johnnie getting together is so surprising is that the series rarely features same-sex couples. While other dating shows have made an effort to diversify their cast by including members of the LGBTQ+ community, Love Island has mostly stuck to straight couples. There have been exceptions, like when Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon coupled up during Love Island season 2 and when Courtney Boerner was openly bisexual on Love Island USA season 4.

However, for the most part, Love Island has been a very heterosexual series. During the episode, Johnnie admitted that she’s openly bisexual, while Kassy said that her friends have told her she might be bisexual, but she’s never actually pursued anything with a girl before. It was pretty refreshing to see Love Island USA allow the female islanders to explore their feelings with each other instead of encouraging them to couple up with one of the male islanders at the villa that they don’t even like.

Kassy & Johnnie’s Situation Makes Their Feelings Even More Shocking

Johnnie & Leonardo Love Island USA

When Kassy returned from Casa Amor, her and Johnnie were far from friends. Back at Casa, the female islanders received a video of what the male islanders had been up to. One clip showed Johnnie telling another female islander that she had sex with a guy. Unfortunately, the video didn’t inform the women which guy she was talking about, but Kassy was already suspicious. When she returned to the villa and saw Leo coupled up with Johnnie, she knew he was the guy she was talking about, and she was furious and hurt.

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She called the act disgusting and didn’t seem to have much respect for Johnnie. However, they soon patched things up, especially as Johnnie and Leo decided they didn’t want to be together anymore. With all the drama regarding the Casa Amor situation, it would seem like Kassy and Johnnie would want nothing to do with each other. However, the situation actually brought them closer together and helped them realize they’re attracted to each other. With everything that’s happened on Love Island USA season 5, this is certainly the most unexpected.

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