• Kalani admitted to having feelings for the “hall pass” guy in episode 2 of 90 Day: The Last Resort, revealing the ups and downs of her relationship with Asuelu since season 6.
  • Asuelu cheated on Kalani, leading to their marriage on the verge of divorce. Kalani also engaged in physical intimacy with the “hall pass” guy, escalating their relationship.
  • Kalani’s new boyfriend, Dallas Nuez, is reportedly ready to move in together. She did not keep her promise to block the “hall pass” guy’s number, causing further strain in her relationship with Asuelu.

90 Day: The Last Resort star Kalani Faagata admitted in episode 2 that she has feelings for the “hall pass” guy, who she met after Asuelu Pulaa cheated on her. 34-year-old Kalani was 29 when she lost her virginity to Asuelu in a Samoa resort. Asuelu was a 23-year-old resort activities director then who soon moved to the U.S. where Kalani had already welcomed their first son and would soon get pregnant with the second one. Kalani and Asuelu’s storyline has had more ups and downs since their debut on 90 Day Fiancé season 6.

Seven years later, they are on the verge of divorce, trying to keep their marriage from falling apart by attempting couples therapy on 90 Day: The Last Resort. There were rumors of Asuelu cheating on Kalani being posted online since April 2023. By that time, Kalani had began posting pictures with a mystery man named Dallas who was clearly not Asuelu because of the distinctive tattoos on his arms. Fans believed this was Kalani’s new boyfriend, but she played coy about it. In 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani is slowly unwrapping her new love story with the “hall pass” guy and trying to distance herself from Asuelu.

Kalani Met “Hall Pass” Guy Dallas Because Of Asuelu

Montage of Kalani and Asuelu from 90 day fiance in front of tropical background

90 Day: The Last Resort finally confirmed the Asuelu-Kalani cheating rumors. During a group therapy session on episode 1, Kalani revealed Asuelu went to Samoa to meet his father and went out drinking, where he reportedly kissed someone. Kalani noticed Asuelu had a white tongue from thrush during a video call. He said it was a mouth kiss but later confessed he’d received oral sex from someone. Asuelu wanted to save his marriage, and to make things even, gave Kalani a “hall pass” so that she could go and kiss anyone she wanted to. “But he only told me that because he thought I wouldn’t do anything,” Kalani said.

Kalani Promised To Block The Man’s Number

However, Kalani went on to kiss someone, and after she got to know the guy better, it escalated to oral sex, and then “it escalated into actual sex.” Asuelu, who thought Kalani had only kissed another man, was shocked. He asked Kalani whether she had feelings for the “hall pass” guy, and she said yes. “It is so painful. I am so mad and upset,” said Asuelu, who asked Kalani if she was using protection. He was worried that she would get pregnant. Asuelu wanted Kalani to stop texting the man. Later in the episode, Kalani told the therapists that it was hard for her to shut her feelings off, but added, “I’m here and I’m willing to make it work.” She told Asuelu that she would block the “hall pass” guy’s number. “I will really excited to hear that and I’m so happy,” admitted Asuelu.

Kalani & Dallas Are Still Together After 90 Day: The Last Resort

Unfortunately for Asuelu, Kalani did not keep her promise for reasons yet not revealed on 90 Day: The Last Resort. As reported by The U.S.Sun, Kalani’s mystery man’s name is Dallas Nuez. Dallas is currently Kalani’s boyfriend. He works for a private security company in California. Kalani and Dallas are reportedly “ready to move in together.” Kalani has already been introduced to his family by Dallas. Instagram blogger @90dayfianceupdate has shared a supposed photo of Dallas. He is reportedly 28 years old now. But Dallas was 22 when the picture was taken.

Source: Kalani Faagata/Instagram, The U.S. Sun, @90dayfianceupdate/Instagram

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