Gojo and Nobara are two hugely popular characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and the hit series just delivered a big clue that they could be returning soon.

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Jujutsu Kaisen #210Despite Satoru Gojo and Nobara Kugisaki being two of the most popular characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and key individuals in the story, it’s been over two and half years since they’ve last meaningfully appeared in the manga. They’ve been absent for nearly half the series run now – which is a long enough time that they’re legends rather than active characters to fans who came on later in the series’ run.


As Jujutsu Kaisen stretches toward its ending, the recent appearance of both characters in flashbacks during Jujutsu Kaisen #210 teases the possibility of their return. Considering the love they have in among the fan base, it should come as no surprise that their appearances sparked a debate about whether Akutami is planning to bring them back for the climatic fight against Jujutsu Kaisen’s ultimate villain, Kenjaku. One can rarely predict what Akutami is thinking of doing, but he rarely includes an image in the series without referring to something or having some connection to the story at a later point.

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Jujutsu Kaisen’s Flashbacks Hint at Gojo & Nobara’s Returns

While Satoru has appeared in flashbacks since his imprisonment, the one in Chapter 210 is different because it reveals a glimpse of his relationship with Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen. In the flashback, Gojo almost comes across as an eccentric uncle to the young Megumi. Undoubtedly protective, but also more than willing to show the young sorcerer things his parents wouldn’t. It shows that there is a real two-way feeling in the relationship. Though Nobara’s appearance isn’t through a flashback, it nevertheless engenders the same poignancy of the Gojo scene. In the scene, Akutami includes a panel showing Nobara as Megumi and Yuji talk about Hana Kurusu replacing her as part of their trio. While they eventually decide it’s crazy to think that, the glimpse of Nobara is no less emotional. Moreover, Megumi and Yuji’s determination that such talk is nonsense is the best indication that Nobara lives, as it wouldn’t seem to be a crazy topic if she was indeed dead, and they needed a new partner.

Naturally, fans can never be sure what exactly Akutami is going to do with the story. He certainly does not seem to worry about what fans think about his plotlines. However, the appearances of both Gojo and Nobara in quite emotional scenes suggest that there’s more to their inclusion in the chapter. Moreover, with the news that Jujutsu Kaisen will likely be ending this year, a last appearance, or reappearance makes sense if, for anything else, it would put the debate about their whereabouts to an end.

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