Known for his unparalleled strength and destructive potential, Marvel Comics’ Unstoppable Juggernaut has long been a rival to the Incredible Hulk. Cain Marko has gone toe-to-toe with the Jade Giant on more than one occasion, and the two behemoths have both had their fair share of victories over the other. But when the Hulk attempts to threaten Cain’s brother Professor Xavier, Juggernaut pulls out an entirely new power just to get into the fight.

World War Hulk: X-Men by Christos Gage, Andrea DiVito, and Laura Villari finds the titular Marvel hero storming the team’s Westchester mansion and facing off against the X-Men as the team tries to stop him from harming their leader, Professor X, as revenge for the actions of the Illuminati. Unfortunately for the mutants, the battle doesn’t go their way, and reinforcements are called in from across the globe. Juggernaut, stationed in London at the time as a member of New Excalibur, immediately springs into action and reaches out to his old master Cyttorak – who’d been gradually withdrawing his support leading up to this – and promises the demonic entity that he’ll cause all the destruction Cyttorak could want so long as he transports him to the Hulk.

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Juggernaut Can Teleport By Promising Cyttorak Destruction

X-Men Juggernaut Secret Power

Cain succeeds in convincing his mystical benefactor to teleport him to the battle, though Cyttorak still holds back his full potential until he admits he’s there to prove himself against the Hulk, not to save Xavier. Few fans would imagine that Cain can petition his demonic patron to open portals, and yet Cyttorak is a wildly powerful being whose reach extends well beyond his home in the Crimson Cosmos (which it appears Juggernaut travels through to reach Hulk.) Juggernaut is a force usually associated with raw strength, durability, and speed, but his powers are only granted so he can offer Cyttorak destruction as tribute – if a fight will cause enough damage, Cyttorak is happy to ferry Cain to his target.

hulk vs juggernaut

In order to be teleported across the sea, Marko had to promise Cyttorak untold destruction and little else. So long as Juggernaut seeks out a destination with the intent of causing chaos, it should be well within Cyttorak’s powers to teleport him wherever he needs to go. Juggernaut has used this power incredibly sparingly, especially since it places him further in Cyttorak’s debt, but there’s no reason to think it was a one-time thing. Cyttorak is a god-level being who even the Sorcerer Supreme has cause to fear – teleportation is the least of the abilities he can grant Juggernaut when it serves his interests.

Juggernaut’s Magic Means His Powers Have Fewer ‘Rules’

juggernaut submits to cyttorak to beat hulk

The Juggernaut is frequently referred to as unstoppable, and the fact that Cyttorak can apparently teleport him anywhere definitely backs that title up. Cain Marko is already one of the strongest entities on the planet, but adding long-range teleportation takes him to a whole new level. After all, the Unstoppable Juggernaut can already go toe-to-toe with Marvel Comics’ Hulk, but few fans know he can also seek him out whenever he wants to rumble.

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