From Collin Gosselin’s recent reveals to Kate Gosselin’s new show, Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s cast is again at the forefront of reality star news. Since Jon and Kate first appeared on the small screen in 2007, the couple and their eight children have been prominent figures in the reality TV industry. However, the sextuplets recently turned 18, which could bring about some changes to their existing relationships.

Whether it was documenting the struggle of raising new sextuplets alongside their toddler twins, or highlighting their success since the first airing, the Gosselin family spent a decade on television. They probably won their fair share of hearts as they dealt with family complications. Over 15 years later, the family members are all on their own paths. Their lives have changed since they started their onscreen journeys.



Jon Gosselin

Being a father to eight children is no easy feat, as evidenced by Jon‘s progression through the series. While he started as a stressed but doting father, unfortunately, his souring relationship with Kate began to seep into his actions. This happened on and off camera, as his time on the series ended. After a public onscreen separation, and several custody disputes over the years, Jon is now taking time to try and reconnect with his kids. He’s also embarking on a music career.

According to US Weekly, Jon is thrilled that the sextuplets just turned 18, so he can move on without the stigma of Kate’s custody. In an exclusive with the outlet, Jon expressed, “I am relieved that court is over and I can focus on rebuilding my relationships with my children who now live in North Carolina and New York. It’s a very freeing feeling to not have to worry about lawsuits from Kate and really opens the door for me to reach out to my other children. I truly hope for the best.” Hopefully, Jon can mend his relationships with his children, as he is currently estranged from six of them.

Kate Gosselin

Kate rose to fame as the prominent star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, first by navigating the challenges of the large family with her husband, and later by tackling raising teens as a single mother in Kate Plus 8. That followed her split from Jon. Unlike the stars of TLC reality TV shows people forget existed, Kate has used her continued fame to remain relevant.

Despite not being active on social media in recent months, Kate has managed to stay involved in the reality realm since the show’s conclusion. She’s taken hosting gigs, starred in her own 2019 TLC spin-off series, Kate Plus Date, and continued onscreen appearances, such as the upcoming Special Forces (via Fox). She’s also a perennial presence in tabloids, whether her family is speaking out about her, or her diary’s being leaked online.

Cara Gosselin

As the eldest of her siblings, Cara was shown to be responsible and helpful when working with her siblings alongside her twin, Madelyn Gosselin. The show saw her progress from a quiet child to a vocal teen who loved sports, and excelled at school.

While she keeps a low profile on social media, including a private Instagram account, Cara has maintained her love for athletics and academics into adulthood. She joined Fordham University’s rowing roster in 2020/21, while majoring in Math and Economics (via Fordham University).

Madelyn Gosselin

Being older than the sextuplets, Madelyn often exhibited typical sibling rivalry with the younger kids, and sometimes even her twin sister. However, for the most part, she was a bubbly and honest child. She was undoubtedly under a lot of pressure, as she spent most of her childhood on one of the biggest classic 2000s reality series. While mostly keeping out of the limelight, Madelyn can still be found posting creative shots on social media, advocating for progress by supporting organizations like NextGen (via Mady‘s Instagram), and getting media partnerships from sponsors like Amazon (via Mady‘s TikTok).

Alexis Gosselin

The Gosselin children Jon and Kate Plus 8 posing in white shirts with beige pants

The oldest of the sextuplets, Alexis was adored for her distinct personality, and how often she stayed true to herself, instead of doing what others expected of her. She chose her own clothes and voiced her opinions. Not much is known about Alexis and what she is currently up to, mainly because she abstains from social media. She prefers to stay out of the public eye. However, she can still be spotted on her siblings’ and mother’s posts, so she appears to be close to them.

Hannah Gosselin

Hannah was always a vocal and gracious member of the sextuplets, whether regarding unappetizing seafood dinners, or helping her other siblings settle down. She’s reportedly the only one of two children to move back in with Jon following his separation from Kate. She frequently features on Jon’s page, alongside brother Collin (via People).

While it may not have been one of the best reality shows of the 2010s, Jon & Kate Plus 8 set Hannah up for success. She capitalizes on her early onscreen exposure, unlike her other siblings, who don’t have strong social media presences. She has launched her beauty line, Gosselin Girl (via Hannah at Instagram).

Aaden Gosselin

The first boy to be born to the Gosselins, Aaden is the third-oldest sextuplet, and was more easily distinguished from his brothers thanks to the glasses he donned at an early age. Like most of the sextuplets, not much is known about Aaden’s life after the series ended. His lack of social media makes it difficult for fans to keep up with him. However, he can still be spotted making cameos in his siblings’ and parents’ posts, such as when Kate shared the removal of his braces.

Collin Gosselin

Perhaps the most outspoken, resilient, and currently well-known of the sextuplets is Collin, the fourth-born, who has been making recent headlines. He’s been speaking out against the show’s culture, and how it impacted his childhood. It also strained his bond with Kate. Collin and Hannah have lived with Jon for the past few years, and Collin’s been frank about being institutionalized at a young age, and his deteriorating relationship with his mother. Despite his struggles, Collin still seeks to spread joy and kindness, and hopefully, fans can keep up with him as he emerges online.

Leah Gosselin

The youngest girl of the bunch, Princess Leah, was shown to be very affectionate. She had an intense bond with her sister Hannah. However, she was also shown to be mischievous. She could be adorable, as her reactions to things as mundane as being taken out, or eating dinner, were priceless. Not much is known today about Leah, as she has stayed away from the spotlight since the show concluded. However, she has been spotted in Kate‘s shared photos, raving about Leah’s baking skills.

Joel Gosselin

Joel, the youngest of the bunch, was known for his curious explorations. Also, he wasn’t afraid to use his voice to get what he wanted. Like most of the kids, he was playful, and got along well with his siblings, especially the other sextuplets. Joel has remained largely offline since Jon and Kate Plus 8, adopting a more private life, like most of his siblings. He can be found making cameos on his older sisters’ or parents’ pages, such as when Kate shared the removal of his braces.

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