Warning: Spoilers ahead for Batman Incorporated #8In order to combat Batman Inc., the Joker is forming his own international squadron of Jokers and just revealed his first members. Audiences already caught a glimpse of what Joker Inc. could be capable of in Batman Incorporated #7. It was in the issue’s final pages that readers met Ol’ Dusty Bronco, who makes an immediate impact by shooting Red Raven’s father, William Great Eagle, in the chest.


Now, Batman Incorporated #8 by Ed Brisson and John Timms sees the aftermath of Mr. Eagle’s shooting, putting Chief Man-of-Bats in a coma on the brink of death on a hospital bed. Afterward, Nightrunner meets Charles De Ghoul, the Joker of France, and his Cirque De La Mort overwhelm the Batman of France. Later, El Gaucho and Ghost-Maker run into the original Joker who, after explaining his motivations, unveils a giant spinning wheel with the names of everyone involved in his latest pet project: Joker Incorporated. Besides the aforementioned Charles and Bronco, the wheel also features Alpaca, Corvus Cowl, Dai Laffyn, and Tap Dance Man, the latter of whom is the Joker of Argentina who debuts officially in the final pages.

The Joker Officially Unveils His Joker Inc.

The Joker unveils Joker Incorporated

Originally introduced following the “Return of Bruce Wayne” story arc, Batman Inc. is a global organization personally funded by Bruce Wayne, using his billions to publicly endorse the organization. Batman Inc. acts as an ambitious international endeavor to ensure that there is a vigilante in each country abiding by Batman’s code and handpicked by him personally. In short, this project promises a Batman in every part of the world. But in the Joker’s mind, there is no Batman without a Joker.

Every Country Gets Its Own Joker

The Joker explains to Batman Inc

The Joker has become so closely ingrained in the history and adventures of Batman and vice versa that it is easy to understand why the Joker would come to this conclusion. The Joker and his countless heinous actions are vital to the growth of Batman as both a hero and a character overall. However, while a Batman in every country would be considered a blessing for many, a Joker in every country can only spell doom for everyone else around them.

While readers have yet to meet everyone on the Joker team yet, those whom readers have met have made quite the impression. Dusty Bronco left a former member of Batman Inc. incapacitated while De Ghoul overwhelmed the Batman of Paris. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, readers previously met Alpaca in 2017’s New Super-Man #7, where the character was ranked first in the Academy of the Bat’s aptitude challenge. Seeing the impact these Jokers have already had, just imagine what the rest can do when they band together in their own version of Batman Inc.

Batman Incorporated #8 is available now from DC Comics.

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