John Wick: Chapter 4 star Natalia Tena has pitched an unusual new spinoff for the action franchise. The franchise, which follows the titular action hero played by Keanu Reeves who is dragged back into the complicated and baroque underground world of assassins now includes four films that have grossed a collected total of over $1 billion. Tena debuted the character of Wick’s adoptive sister and Ruska Roma crime syndicate member Katia in Chapter 4.


During a recent conversation with ComicBook, Tena pitched an unusual spinoff that could reunite certain members of the John Wick cast. She said a John Wick holiday special might be interesting, considering the many different personalities in the Ruska Roma, including Katia and John Wick’s adoptive mother The Director (Anjelica Huston). Tena said that “I think it’d be interesting to see what a family Christmas would be like.” Read her full quote below:

In my mind, they’ve probably got a bunch of bases in Europe, Romania, and Eastern Europe. They’ve got a few in Berlin, maybe one in Spain, and then a bunch in America. We were trying to work out the relationship, like was Katia [John Wick’s] niece or is she just a cousin or second cousin? I think it’d be interesting to see what a family Christmas would be like with all these Roma people. I think that’s the last time they saw each other was at a very bizarre family reunion or a baptism, or probably a funeral.

A John Wick Holiday Special? Stranger Things Have Happened

Keanu Reeves in John Wick Chapter 4 seated in traditional black suit

At first blush, a John Wick holiday special seems like an unlikely prospect. Especially considering that the prominent action franchise spinoff that sounds similar is the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978, which creator George Lucas has attempted to scrub from history. However, modern movie franchises have been less averse to embracing surprise holiday-themed outings including A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas and A Bad Moms Christmas, even if both of those films are comedies and thus have premises more able to fit into a holiday sensibility.

The model that a potential John Wick holiday special would follow is more likely that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That franchise has aired several holiday-themed specials on Disney+ including The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the Halloween-themed Werewolf by Night, and the Christmas-set Hawkeye. Marvel is the highest-grossing franchise in history, which could prove that going the holiday route is a potentially lucrative route for a John Wick one-off.

One thing that could make the holiday special possible is the fact that John Wick: Chapter 4 is far from the end of the franchise. Despite a seemingly conclusive ending, several John Wick spinoffs are waiting in the wings on top of the promised John Wick 5, including the Ana de Armas-starring Ballerina movie and The Continental series. Should these spinoffs prove to be popular, there will be many potential avenues for the story that Tena has pitched (especially considering Huston’s impending reprisal of her role in Ballerina).

Source: ComicBook

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