The new Netflix hit Jewish Matchmaking features the dating adventures of some fascinating singles, including Harmonie Krieger, and it’s time to share 10 interesting facts about her. The series stands out thanks to its exciting locations (from Hollywood to sun-soaked Tel Aviv) and a charming matchmaker, Aleeza Ben Shalom. It’s also fun to watch because it highlights the typical ups and downs of trying to partner up, while sharing meaningful information about Jewish history and traditions.

On the show, Harmonie’s looking for her other half. She wants to feel strong physical attraction, and needs a man who appreciates her heart-opening adventures, such as using hallucinogens. On her first date, only child Harmonie, who still loves toys, was paired with university professor, Aron Temkin. He was a great listener (pleasant, with a bit of welcome depth), but she wasn’t attracted enough to take it further. Harmonie, 45, is a glamorous and quirky person who won’t settle. However, love can be hard to find. There are 10 good reasons why she’s a Jewish Matchmaking breakout star.



10 Jewish Matchmaking’s Harmonie Krieger Is An Aquarius

Harmonie was born on February 7, according to Instagram, and she’s definitely a typical Aquarius. In fact, her Aquarian traits helped her to make an impact onscreen. Aquarians (such as Harry Styles and Alicia Keyes) are symbolized by the Water Bearer, and they’re simply electric. Aquarius natives are idealistic, offbeat, and less concerned with propriety than other Sun signs.

Aquarians like Harmonie need great communication, but they’re also quite rebellious, always going their own way. Harmonie grew up in a non-traditional Jewish family, and that may suit her just fine, as Aquarius is the most modern zodiac sign around. Aquarians like to rewrite the rules to fit the world of today. That’s why Harmonie’s so into mind expansion i.e. shrooms. On her date, she brought up her drug usage, probably testing Aron. The conservative educator failed her test, growing visibly uncomfortable with the topic.

Rebellion can be cool, or actually hold a person back in life. Another possible drawback of Harmonie’s zodiac sign is that Aquarius, like the other two Air signs, Gemini and Libra, can be a bit superficial. This fits, as the bubbly Harmonie is definitely interested in pairing up with an attractive partner. In fact, that seems to be priority one.

9 Harmonie Is A Savvy Entrepreneur

On Jewish Matchmaking, Harmonie is very into presentation. She’s dolled up at all times, and rather fashionable. The attention to detail that she puts into her own image makes sense, as she’s a marketing and brand consultant. However, Harmonie’s entrepreneurial ventures don’t stop there. She’s honing her #girlboss skills by launching her own podcast, Life With Harmonie. As well, she shows her hustle by collaborating with others. For example, she was a guest on the Love In Reality podcast, and answered questions about her Jewish Matchmaking experiences.

According to Harmonie‘s LinkedIn, she’s also a, seasoned event director,” who’s been working in marketing and media niches for over a decade. She’s had some blue-chip clients, including Warner Bros., Keurig, Topshop, and W Hotels. The business maven has staged pop-ups at Art Basel, Hamptons Series, and Coachella.

8 Harmonie’s Into Hot Yoga

Fitness is important to Harmonie, and she’s let her 6,102 Instagram followers know about her favorite form of exercise, as seen in the post above. On Jewish Matchmaking, she’s made it clear that she’s all about holistic wellness, and hot yoga makes it easier for her to keep her body and mind in peak condition. Of course, hot yoga also helps her to slip into the fun designer creations that she donned for Jewish Matchmaking cameras, such as pencil skirts and sundresses.

7 Jewish Matchmaking’s Harmonie Loves To Party

Harmonie’s very alive, and may actually be too over the top and unique for some people. She’s definitely not a shrinking violet, and she shouldn’t have to be. To be happy, she probably needs a partner who also wants to enjoy life. Harmonie‘s fun-loving spirit was on display while she hosted a Jewish Matchmaking premiere party. The special event featured delicious custom cocktails from a talented mixologist.

6 On Jewish Matchmaking, Harmonie Couldn’t Connect With Aron Or Adam Frankel

Harmonie is very close with her family, but couldn’t connect with her Jewish Matchmaking dates, Aron and Adam Frankel. Her father, who was raised Orthodox, lives with Parkinson’s Disease. Her parents are Zachary and Sharon B. Krieger. Harmonie adores her family, and she’s very sweet when she talks about her grandmother, whom she’s honored at IG. Clearly, Harmionie is warm and affectionate, but her onscreen matches didn’t give her the passion that she craves, so she ended up single on the show.

5 Harmonie’s Into Positive Thinking (& Instagram Affirmations)

If happiness is the goal, and it should be, Harmonie’s got it all figured out. She’s very into appreciating the beauty that’s all around her. This reality queen inspires her Instagram followers by encouraging them to see the sunny side of life. As per Harmonie‘s post above, she’s, “grateful for the BEAUTY in my life & Embrace all that is within me.” It’s impossible to control some things in life, but attitude is something that can be controlled, and Harmonie understands how important a positive mindset really is.

4 Jewish Matchmaking’s Harmonie Loves Her Cute Pooch, Clover

Harmonje shows her softer side with her family, but she also has plenty of love to give to her adorable dog, Clover, who’s posing in the Christmas photo above. Her beloved canine has also appeared elsewhere on her IG grid. While Harmonie may or may not be in a relationship right now, she’s got wonderful relatives, and a cute pooch that always keeps her company.

3 Harmonie Is A Proud American

When she isn’t vetting potential matches, going on dates, or working on business or fitness, she’s celebrating life, and she also celebrates America. Proud patriot Harmonie dressed in red and white (and posed with a bottle of wine adorned with the stars-and-stripes) while enjoying the Fourth of July this year. Aside from the American flag, her smile was her best accessory.

2 Harmonie Krieger Is Based In Los Angeles, California

The tanned blonde seems like a natural fit for the Golden State, and unsurprisingly, she calls Hollywood home. Harmonie‘s posted fun shots of what appears to be her private residence on IG, but this lighthearted Cinco de Mayo pic was taken in Mexico. Thanks to her polished image and glam clients, she’s definitely “so L.A.”

1 Harmonie Is Fond Of Jewish Matchmaking Star Aleeza Ben Shalom

Just days ago, Harmonie showed her appreciation for a very special person – matchmaker extraordinaire, Aleeza. She thinks the Jewish matchmaker is pure magic, and a lot of Jewish Matchmaking fans probably also love the relationship expert’s nurturing vibe. According to Harmonie, Aleeza always made her feel “safe” through the dating process. It’s so much fun learning more about the Jewish Matchmaking cast, and knowing that some of them built strong bonds, even if those connections weren’t romantic.

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