Jennifer Coolidge’s potential return to an iconic cult TV character after The White Lotus is addressed by her former co-star Jane Lynch.

The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge‘s potential return to television following her character Tanya’s onscreen demise has been addressed by her former co-star. Before taking the role on The White Lotus, which won her a Golden Globe earlier this year, Coolidge had a career full of iconic comedy roles including playing Stifler’s Mom in the American Pie franchise and starring opposite Reese Witherspoon as Paulette in the Legally Blonde films. One other memorable, if brief, role was a stint on the cult Starz comedy Party Down, which ran for two seasons from 2009 through 2010.


Recently People spoke with Jane Lynch about the upcoming Party Down reboot. When she was asked if it was possible that Coolidge could return if the show got another season, Lynch said that she was sure the producers “will find a way.” She reflected that they probably had already asked Coolidge to return for season 3, but couldn’t make it happen because of her busy schedule. Read Lynch’s full quote below:

Oh, [we’d get Coolidge for Party Down season 4] if she can. I would imagine she was invited to do this [third season] too.

She’s just been very busy. I mean, if she’s available, sure! Yeah. [The Party Down producers] will find a way.

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Jennifer Coolidge’s Party Down Role Explained

Jennifer Coolidge as Bobbi St. Brown in Party Down Season 1

When Lynch left the original run of Party Down in 2009 to take the role of Sue Sylvester on Glee, she was replaced by Coolidge for the remaining two episodes of season 1. Though the pair did not appear onscreen together in the series, they had previously collaborated on several mockumentaries directed by Christopher Guest including A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration. The duo even played romantic partners in his 2000 dog show comedy Best in Show.

On Party Down, Coolidge played Bobbi St. Brown, the roommate of Lynch’s character Constance Carmel. She picked up several shifts for Constance at the titular catering company, sowing chaos when she takes mushrooms at an outdoor wedding with many celebrity guests. Her positivity and her connectedness with nature provide some important context for Constance’s wacky worldview.

The impending Party Down season 3 has sharply divided critics, but should the comedy retain the audience it has fostered in the decade since its cancelation, it could very well get a season 4. The Jennifer Coolidge

would certainly be a coup for the series, especially after her White Lotus role. While her recent hot streak may prevent her from joining the series full time, perhaps a one-episode cameo could be arranged.

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