With the recent announcement that Jenna Ortega, star of Wednesday on Netflix, might be appearing in Beetlejuice 2, there’s a good chance that she’ll perform a sequence to rival Wednesday’s viral dance scene. A sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 horror comedy Beetlejuice has been in development hell for decades, but with the recent success of his Wednesday series, it looks like it’s finally being summoned from the netherworld. So far, Ortega is in talks to play the daughter of Winona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz, another gothic ’90s It Girl to rival Christina Ricci’s misanthropic Wednesday in The Addams Family, alongside Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice and Catherine O’Hara’s Delia Deetz.


Wednesday Addams has been imagined for a new generation, and Ortega’s performance in particular has been celebrated for highlighting the character’s intelligence, wit, and quirky personality. Given her acting skills and the cryptic but hopeful Beetlejuice 2 updates from Burton, Ortega playing Lydia Deetz seems like the perfect match for the director’s creative plans. The only thing to top the casting announcement would be coming up with something as culturally explosive as Wednesday’s dance scene, provided Ortega is keen to duplicate that kind of mercurial success.

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Beetlejuice 2 Can Bring Back A Version Of The Day-O Dance With Jenna Ortega

The Day-O Dance during the dinner table scene in Beetlejuice is a classic, and a sequel can similarly recapture the magic. The way Lydia’s uptight parents and snobby dinner guests all get possessed by Beetlejuice is as delightful as it is unexpected, just like the way that Ortega throws herself into the inspired and offbeat dance number she performs in Wednesday. Subverting expectations is the key to both dance scenes being so memorable, but the concept can’t be a laborious cash grab, particularly if O’Hara, who made the Day-O Dance so distinct with her gesticulations, is involved in a new version.

Beetlejuice 2 can repeat Tim Burton’s prior success by focusing on a fresh new take on an old favorite, especially with Ortega’s creative insight. The actress had a lot of influence on the creation of the Wednesday dance, and if she’s allowed to work with Burton, Keaton, and O’Hara to create a new sequence that retains the spontaneity of the original while still feeling true to the story of the sequel, it might be another hit. As more details about the plot and production emerge, a key focus will be to make a new Day-O dance number feel organic and not forced.

Would Jenna Ortega Do Another Dance Like In Wednesday?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday episode four wearing black dress on dance floor

Much of the success of another viral dance like in Wednesday comes down to Ortega’s desire to replicate something she’s already done. As an actress honing her craft, she may feel like trying to top Beetlejuice’s Day-O dance might be too similar to the sort of work she’s done before and feel creatively unchallenged. Ortega reluctantly performed the Wednesday dance on SNL recently, and while the punchline drew from her unwillingness to perform the dance over and over, the best humor hides a kernel of truth.

Even though the Wednesday dance has become a pop culture phenomenon, Ortega might be sick of doing it. Therefore, it will take a really unique routine in Beetlejuice 2 to get her to replicate it. However, the actress may find that collaborating with respected creatives like Burton, Keaton, and O’Hara is just the challenge she needs. Given her work in Scream VI, following Wednesday up with another horror comedy isn’t a bad career move, particularly since she’s such an intrepid credit to the genre.

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