Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has deep connections to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which Lucasfilm had to carefully handle to keep the linked plots a secret. The game and the series were being developed at the same time, so members of Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm took measures to mitigate the possibility of the connection between the two getting out to the public.


[Warning: This article contains story spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi.]

Jedi: Survivor and Kenobi take place in the same year on the Star Wars timeline, so there was bound to be an overlap somewhere, however, not many would’ve expected them to connect so closely. Although there was no cameo from either Cal or Obi-Wan in each other’s story, the link between Jedi: Survivor and Kenobi comes from the secret network of Jedi and force-sensitive refugees known as the Hidden Path. This is a huge connection that sets up exciting possibilities for the series and the game to come together in future titles, like a sequel to Jedi: Survivor.

Obi-Wan’s Hidden Path Plays A Huge Role In Jedi: Survivor

Cal and Merrin using the Force in tandem in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. BD-1 stands on Cal's back and a building carved out of a stone cliff is in the background.

The Hidden Path introduced in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series is integral to Jedi: Survivor’s story. It is an underground network dedicated to protecting Jedi and force-sensitives from Imperial persecution. Kawlan Roken, who appears in the Kenobi series, established the Hidden Path after the Inquisitorious murdered his force-sensitive wife. In the series, the planet Jabiim was the last haven for those on the Path, but it was crumbled under an Imperial assault, leaving the refugees looking for a new home. This is where the story of Jedi: Survivor comes in.

When Cal arrives at the new Jedi archive on Jedha, he learns that Cere and Merrin are part of the Hidden Path, helping others on the Path take shelter in a safehouse in the desert. Cere has spent many of the years between Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor establishing this archive and Hidden Path refuge with the help of her former master, Eno Cordova, and the Anchorites native to Jedha.

Eventually, the Empire locates and destroys the Jedha safehouse, Cere, and her archive. This loss devastates Cal but gives him something to fight for: Cere’s legacy. In Jedi: Survivor’s story ending, Cal and the Mantis crew figure out how to safely travel to a hidden planet called Tanalorr. It’s surrounded by an unnavigable nebula known as the Koboh Abyss, which means the Empire cannot find Tanalorr. Cal determines it’s the perfect place for the Hidden Path and begins preparations to make it into a home for the refugees.

Lucasfilm And Respawn Used A Codename For The Hidden Path

Cal Kestis on the left side of the image kneels down and talks to BD-1, who is in the foreground on the right side of the frame.

Matt Martin, a member of the Lucasfilm story group, revealed on Twitter that the concept of the Hidden Path was top-secret information. Therefore, the devs of Jedi: Survivor were given a codename to use in place of Hidden Path, so the idea didn’t get leaked. While the game was in development, the Hidden Path was referred to as the Muni Metro. The codename doesn’t hold any hidden connections to other Star Wars lore. In the real world, the Muni Metro is a transit system in San Francisco, which also has no ties to Star Wars.

Somewhere in the archives of Respawn’s performance recordings, there is footage of Jedi: Survivor’s actors performing scenes using this codename. According to Noshir Dalal, the actor who plays Bode Akuna, it was a challenging task to say with a straight face. Whether or not this footage will see the light of day has yet to be confirmed.

Martin also confirmed that the idea for the Hidden Path originated in the production of the Kenobi series, and it was later integrated into Jedi: Survivor’s story. It must have been challenging for the devs to operate in such as fashion, especially since each utterance of the phrase would have to be swapped out later in development. Pete Stewart, a senior writer at Respawn Entertainment, responded to Martin on Twitter, admitting that he was a little worried the Muni Metro codename would accidentally appear in the game at launch. Fortunately, nothing slipped through the cracks.

How Jedi: Survivor And Obi-Wan May Connect In The Future

Cal, Merrin, BD-1 and Greez welcome Kata onto the Stinger Mantis crew at the end of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

It’s uncertain whether or not Respawn Entertainment will develop a sequel to Jedi: Survivor, but if it does, then the Hidden Path will surely be a focal point. The game ends with Cal and the Mantis crew taking the first steps to establish Tanalorr as a home for the Hidden Path. This opens the door to a host of future story possibilities, including further connections to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, such as character crossovers.

One standout character crossover opportunity is with Reva Sevander, formerly known as the Third Sister. Reva chose to follow her own path at the end of Kenobi, no longer serving the Empire and healing from her past trauma. After this, it is unknown where she went or what she did. This ambiguity opens up many possibilities for the character. Of course, there is a good chance that she’ll return in a second season of Kenobi if Lucasfilm decides to move forward with the series.

However, Reva could also prove to be an interesting addition to a sequel to Jedi: Survivor. Now that she’s abandoned the Empire, Reva will be hunted just like any other Jedi. So perhaps she will join the Hidden Path and help others find safety so she can right her past wrongs. She would undoubtedly be an asset in Cal’s quest to make Tanalorr the new home for the refugees.

Cal Could Meet Obi-Wan In Jedi: Survivor’s Sequel

Obi Wan on left imposed over picture of Cal Kestis looking up to the right

Another character that would be perfect for a crossover is Obi-Wan himself. He has room to grow between the end of the Kenobi series and the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope. The series ends with him venturing into the desert accompanied by the ghost of his former master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Obviously, Obi-Wan’s adventures will involve training with Qui-Gon, but more can be explored in the connection to Jedi: Survivor.

By the end of the series, Obi-Wan has concluded that Luke is best served by having an ordinary upbringing. Therefore, he is somewhat free to travel and help fight the Empire in a way he previously felt unable to. Again, the Hidden Path would be a perfect avenue for Obi-Wan to assist, ensuring refugees make it safely to Tanalorr or helping Cal locate force-sensitives in need. Of course, there is less room to work with in Obi-Wan’s case relative to Reva. Still, it would be nice to see Cal meet the legendary Jedi master in their travels.

The choice to connect the Hidden Path introduced in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series to Jedi: Survivor was brilliant. It elevates both the game and the series while adding a new level of depth and stakes to the era of the Empire, which at one point felt too full for new material. Now, it’s plain to see that there is still plenty left to explore in this time period. Hopefully, more can be seen with Cal’s future adventures in a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Source: Matt Martin/Twitter, Pete Stewart/Twitter

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