Jason Momoa reveals the hilarious reason he insisted on his Impala being purple in Fast X. Momoa plays the villainous Dante Reyes, son of Fast Five’s Hernan Reyes, who is targeting Dominic Toretto in order to avenge the loss of his father and family fortune. Dante Reyes is noticeably ostentatious with brightly colored clothing and a purple Impala in the street race against Dominic Toretto.


In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for Fast X Momoa explained that he chose the color purple for his car and was insistent. He also revealed that this decision was motivated by an inside joke with his mother. Momoa loves purple, while his mother despises it. Check out Momoa’s full quote and interview below:

Jason Momoa: They weren’t that keen on letting me have a lavender car. I think Neil was like, “No, we’re not doing lavender.” I’m like, “Dude, we need to do it. I want it lavender.” And they budged.

The whole thing behind lavender is that my mother absolutely despises that color, and I adore that color. I use it to just kind of get under my mother’s skin, and it just makes us laugh. I call it Yaya Lavender, and then just having all my nails done that way, I’m excited for her to see me in full pinks and purples. It will just make her cringe, so that gives me a lot of joy.

What Yaya Lavender Says About Jason Momoa’s Fast X Character

fast x dante purple car

The purple Impala is a strong statement that further cements the differences between Dante Reyes and Dominic Toretto. Dante Reyes is flashy and ostentatious, using bright colors to draw others in. The purple Impala is an important part of both Momoa’s character and how he approached the role of Dante Reyes.

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Momoa’s insistence that the car be purple shows how passionate he is about this role and that he played a key role in crafting every element of Dante Reyes. The personal touch of incorporating a color he knew would drive his mother up a wall also shows the more playful side of how he approached this character. Momoa brings an unhinged comedy similar to the Joker to this role, with the brightly colored car and wardrobe adding to this aspect of Dante Reyes.

It also shows how Dante Reyes is the perfect foil to Dominic Toretto with the purple Chevrolet Impala versus the black Dodge Charger. Dante Reyes is everything Dominic Toretto isn’t, and his desire to be flashy means he is willing to make dangerously grand gestures to destroy his enemy. Fast X brings a different kind of antagonist into the picture, and Dante Toretto’s purple Impala is just one way to show it.

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