• Jasmine’s constant demands for money from Gino have made him wary of her intentions and she has been labeled a gold digger by viewers.
  • Jasmine insists on staying in a lavish $3000 per month apartment and wants Gino to pay for it, causing tension in their relationship.
  • Jasmine believes Gino should prioritize her and spend money on her, but he refuses to hire an immigration lawyer or pay for the apartment until her visa comes through, leading to a heated argument and potential end to their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Jasmine Pineda has another opportunity to scream her lungs out at Gino Palazzolo after he refuses to fulfill her absurd demands for money. The 35-year-old Jasmine from Panama City has been labeled a gold digger by viewers for her constantly asking Gino to spend on her lavish purchases. Gino, 52, was without a job when they debuted on B90 season 5, yet he was digging into his savings to spend on Jasmine’s cosmetic surgeries. Yet, Jasmine was furious when Gino gifted her an electric toothbrush for Christmas and demanded he take her on an exotic island trip.

Jasmine asking Gino for his money again and again also made him wary of her intentions. When her visa was delayed by another month, Jasmine wanted to stay in a $3000 per month apartment like a queen for her last days in the city. According to a preview of the next episode by People, Jasmine now wants to extend her stay in the lavish home for another month and Gino isn’t agreeing to it. “I‘m sick and tired of moving that put so much stress, sadness, and misery in my life,” Jasmine said. “But this is the best of the best! Do you think we can get a good apartment for $1500 or $2000?” Gino asked while Jasmine refused to stay anywhere else. “You sound a little spoiled,” Gino told Jasmine which made her ask, “I’ve been so good to you,” she responds, her volume ratcheting up. “But I’m a little spoiled just for asking for a decent place?” as her voice rose.

Jasmine Wants More Money For A Decent Apartment

Jasmine Pineda Gino Palazzolo 90 Day Fiancé montage both looking to different sides

Jasmine reminded Gino that when she met him, he had money for his “sugar babies.” Gino was paying $300 for a date with these women. Jasmine mentioned Gino’s ex-wife who he’d taken to Disney World and Lego Land. As per Jasmine, Gino spent more on one week of vacation than what she’s “begging” him to pay for her one-month rent. Jasmine cried that she wanted to live in a comfortable place. Jasmine believes that it shouldn’t be an issue for Gino to pay for the apartment until her visa comes through.

Jasmine says she knows that Gino can “afford it.” Jasmine added that to her, It’s not just about the apartment. She knows Gino has had many opportunities to show her that she is his “priority.” Gino refused to hire an immigration lawyer to speed up her visa process. Instead, he insisted that he would do it himself since he’d done the visa process for his Brazilian ex-wife as well. Jasmine said she’s “sick” of Gino not shelling out the money to pay for the apartment until her visa comes through. Eventually, Jasmine had another meltdown as she called Gino a “piece of trash” when he warned her not to compare herself to his ex-wife. She yelled at Gino asking him to “get out” of the house and proceeded to throw away his clothes kept in the closet before locking herself in the bathroom.

Gino and Jasmine’s relationship has reached its breaking point several times throughout their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days journey. Jasmine didn’t leave Gino when he sent her nudes to his ex, and he tolerated her screaming and yelling when he wanted her to sign the prenuptial agreement. Another episode preview reveals Jasmine telling Gino that she cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend Dane just a month before Gino arrived in Panama. It might just be the last straw that ends this toxic relationship.

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