The iconic Star Wars bounty hunters Jango Fett and Boba Fett famously wear suits of Mandalorian armor, with secretly significant color schemes. While only Jango Fett is a true Mandalorian in the current Star Wars canon, both Fetts are part of the Creed in the Legends continuity. Legends assigns specific meanings to Mandalorian armor colors, with Jango and Boba Fett’s chosen hues representing elements of their respective backstories.

Star Wars Legends author Karen Traviss established numerous elements of Mandalorian culture and history in the now-bygone continuity. Two of Traviss’ novels, Legacy of the Force: Revelation and Imperial Commando: 501st, and her Star Wars Insider article, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, reveal the meanings of certain color schemes on the Mandalorians’ iconic beskar suits. While not all Mandalorian armor colors were explored, some, such as black, orange, and gold are said to represent justice, lust for life, and vengeance, respectively. The meaning of Jango Fett’s blue and silver armor is partially revealed by Traviss’ works, while the full connotation of Boba Fett’s green and red armor is thoroughly explored.

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What Jango Fett’s Blue & Silver Armor Means

Jango Fett from Star Wars

Jango Fett’s armor has blue trim, with the hue representing reliability in Legends-era Mandalorian culture. Considering that Jango became the Mand’alor as a teenager and continued to carry the title even after the disastrous Battle of Galidraan and his subsequent bounty hunter career, this is fitting. Moreover, Jango Fett orchestrated the training and Mandalorian cultural education of all clone troopers, personally training the Alpha-class ARC troopers and employing the Mandalorian Cuy’val Dar to train the clone commandos. Despite the defeats and tragedies he endured throughout his life, Jango Fett was a reliable Mand’alor and father to Boba Fett.

The Legends continuity does not assign a meaning to silver, Jango’s primary armor color, but it does explain that gray symbolizes mourning a lost love, perhaps referencing Fett’s past romance with Sheeka Tull, since silver is a metallic gray hue. During the Battle of Galidraan, Jango notably wears armor with the primary color of black, reflecting his devotion to justice as the Mand’alor and successor to Jaster Mereel. Previously, Jango’s armor sported the same color scheme as Boba Fett’s iconic beskar suit.

Boba Fett’s Green & Red Armor Is Perfect

Boba Fett in Return Of The Jedi

Boba Fett’s famous green and red armor represents duty and honoring one’s parent, respectively. In Legends, Boba Fett was not only a bounty hunter, but also a Journeyman Protector (a Mandalorian police officer) and the Mand’alor who succeeded Fenn Shysa, making duty one of his defining characteristics. Boba never stopped mourning the loss of his father, making his armor’s red trim equally fitting. Jango Fett’s nearly-identical color scheme during the Battle of Korda Six represented his dutiful role as Jaster Mereel’s protégé and his own mourning of the loss of his parents, who were killed by Death Watch terrorists in Star Wars Legends.

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