Stylized fan art recreates a classic scene from the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. Released in 1962. Dr. No stars Sean Connery as James Bond in his first mission on the big screen. In the movie, Bond introduces himself with the classic line, “Bond. James Bond.


Now, Graeme James has posted fan art of the classic Dr. No scene, where Bond introduces himself for the first time.

The art reimagines the scene in a watercolor style, focusing on Bond lighting his cigarette. The art captures the bravado of Connery’s Bond while also giving the scene its own style.

What’s Next For The James Bond Franchise?

James Bond dying in No Time to Die in an explosion

Connery’s classic performance as Bond has been followed by multiple talented actors, including George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. The most recent actor to take up the Bond mantle, Daniel Craig, picked up the role in 2006’s Casino Royale, which rebooted the franchise. Craig ended his time as the MI6 spy in 2021’s No Time to Die.

Bond 26 may reboot the franchise, given the death of Craig’s Bond at the end of No Time to Die. While actors like Idris Elba and Tom Hardy have been rumored for the role, it’s unclear who will be playing Bond next. A search is currently underway for the next Bond, with rumors in February circulating that Aaron Taylor-Johnson could be playing Bond next.

Beyond the film series, a James Bond competition series, titled 007’s Road to a Million, was greenlit by Amazon in March 2022. The series, which will see contestants take on MI6-inspired challenges, will be hosted by Succession star Brian Cox. With the James Bond franchise searching for a new Bond and a reality TV series in production, it seems the decades-long series won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Source: Graeme James/Instagram

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