Jack Ryan season 4 news arrived shortly after the third season released on Amazon Prime Video. The third season saw Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) prevent an international incident while uncovering corruption in the US Congress. In Jack Ryan season 3, Jack uncovered the reactivation of a decades-old Russian plot to start a war with a nuclear weapon, which would lead to the return of the Soviet Empire. With such a high-stakes plot and incredible performance from Jon Krasinski as Jack Ryan, anticipation for Jack Ryan season 4 is high.


Also serving as the executive producer, Krasinski returned as the fifth actor to portray Jack Ryan along with Wendell Pierce as James Greer, and Michael Kelly as Mike November. In the third season, Jack became the target of an international manhunt, with Greer and November as the only allies he had left. Meanwhile, the insidious plot within Russia took shape and brought about a dramatic confrontation with the United States that could ignite World War III. Jack Ryan season 4 will be upping the ante even further — but will also be the final season for Krasinski’s Jack Ryan.

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The Latest Jack Ryan Season 4 News

Jack Ryan Season 3 On The Run.

The biggest piece of Jack Ryan’s season 4 news was the reveal that the show would end without a season 5. The announcement came in May 2022 that Jack Ryan would end with season 4 while production on the final season was taking place. However, this isn’t the end for the franchise. The world established by John Krasinki’s Jack Ryan is poised to continue with a spinoff centering on Domingo “Ding” Chavez (Michael Peña), another Tom Clancy hero from his novels.

In Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse, Ding Chavez is the executive officer of Rainbow Six, and he appeared in 22 novels from the larger universe Clancy created, including 7 from the core Jack Ryan novels. In addition, Michael B. Jordan played the Clancyverse character John Clark in Without Remorse. Clark is expected to appear in Jack Ryan season 4, but it’s unclear whether Without Remorse is connected to the Jack Ryan series or the Ding Chavez spinoff.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Is Confirmed

John Krasinski looking serious in Jack Ryan season 3.

The Jack Ryan season 4 news arrived in October 2021 (via Variety), over a year before the third season finally premiered on Amazon Prime Video. John Krasinski revealed in December 2022 that Jack Ryan season 3 and season 4 was shot at the same time. They did this because Krasinski said the wait between season 2 and season 3 was too long for fans. He wanted to make sure that there was less time between the next two seasons. There is no Jack Ryan season 4 release date yet, however.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Cast

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan S1

The returning cast for Jack Ryan season 4 will include John Krasinski as Jack Ryan, Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Michael Kelly as Mike November, and Noomi Rapace is expected to reprise Harry Bauman, the spy she played in Jack Ryan season 2. In addition, Abbie Cornish is back as Dr. Cathy Mueller, who is destined to be Jack Ryan’s wife but hasn’t appeared in the series since season 1. Michael Peña will also join the cast in season 4 as Ding Chavez, who will end up getting a spin-off series based on Rainbow Six after Jack Ryan comes to an end. Chavez appeared in the Clear and Present Danger movie and several Jack Ryan books.

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Jack Ryan Season 4 Story Details

Jack Ryan holding a gun.

The Jack Ryan season 4 news indicates that the end of season 3 sets up what will be the final season of the Amazon Prime Video series. While the third season shared a theme with The Hunt for Red October, the fourth might also be a story that pays tribute to another Tom Clancy novel. However, for now, there is no word on the plot of the next season. In an interview (via CBR), co-producer Vaun Wimott said that the new season would be another international, exciting ride that will have new characters, new villains, and more adventures for the main cast in Jack Ryan season 4.

“The end of season three is a launch into season four, in so much as Jack is in a good place with the CIA. Without giving you any spoilers, he takes a different role in season four that we haven’t seen before, [one] that allows us to explore another aspect of Jack Ryan.”

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