One of Hans Gruber’s henchmen in Die Hard looks very much like singer Huey Lewis, which has led to some fan confusion over the years.

There is a long-running question of a possible Huey Lewis Die Hard appearance – here’s where the confusion stems from. The movie helped launch Bruce Willis as a superstar and remains one of the most rewatchable action movies of all time as well as a Christmas classic for many fans. The movie follows Willis’ John McClane as he battles a group of terrorists who take over a holiday party in a Los Angeles skyscraper. And it is in that group of bad guys that the Huey Lewis Die Hard rumor began.


Die Hard became an instant classic thanks to its great screenplay, casting, and action sequences. It also spawned a long-running Die Hard franchise though many feel it never came close to matching the success of the original. The movie’s main villain Hans Gruber was played by the late, great Alan Rickman, creating an action movie villain as iconic as John McClane. Hans also has a memorable supporting group of thieves, including vengeful Karl and sarcastic hacker Theo. One of the last surviving henchmen is Eddie, who fronts the reception at Nakatomi Plaza to make it appear everything is normal inside.

It Isn’t Huey Lewis In Die Hard

Split image of Dennis Hayden in Die Hard and Huey Lewis

It is the character of Eddie that is at the center of the Huey Lewis Die Hard theory that has been around for so long as Eddie bears a passing resemblance to the “Hip To Be Square” singer. Huey Lewis’ cameo in Back to the Future made it seem possible he would pop up in another ’80s classic. That’s not the case, however, since Eddie is actually played by actor Dennis Hayden. Hayden also appeared in Action Jackson with Carl Weathers, in addition to Walter Hill movies like Another 48 Hrs and Wild Bill. It can’t be denied Hayden and Lewis have a strong resemblance to one another but that’s where the connection ends.

Huey Lewis Parodied The Confusion On The Cleveland Show

The Family dancing together in The Cleveland Show

Despite there being no truth to the Huey Lewis Die Hard rumor, it hasn’t stopped it from spreading surprisingly far and even becoming a reference point in pop culture. Die Hard is referenced constantly in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Rick and Morty, owing to the iconic status of the movie. However, Huey Lewis himself has acknowledged the popular rumor with a fun guest voice appearance in The Cleveland Show episode “Die Semi-Hard,” which was a loving tribute to Die Hard. In the episode itself, Lewis voices a parody of Eddie literally credited as “Guy Who Looks Like Huey Lewis.”

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