A stunning new cosplay gives the world Iron Venom, making Iron Man the king of the symbiotes. Cosplayer mike_dd3d unveiled the cosplay, the perfect mashup of Venom and Iron Man, on social media to great acclaim. It presents a terrifying vision of Iron Man, one who has mastered the symbiote and ascended to the role of King in Black–creating the ultimate nightmare for the Marvel Universe.

Mike_dd3d posted the cosplay shoot on Instagram. It shows an Iron Man armor suit, but the entire left-hand side is covered in symbiote goo. The goo-encrusted left side resembles Venom’s outfit, complete with the distorted spider logo. What gives this cosplay shoot a truly terrifying edge is that this incarnation of Iron Man has clearly mastered the symbiote goo, because his head resembles that of Meridius, the future King in Black currently making life miserable for Eddie Brock in the pages of Venom. Mike adds a neat touch to the cosplay with a small Venom head coming out of his shoulder.


Fans have turned out for Mike’s cosplay, giving it nearly 750 likes and numerous appreciative comments.

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An Iron Man Venom Mashup is Bad News

Since the introduction of the symbiote costume in 1984’s Secret Wars #8, it has carved a unique niche in the Marvel Universe. Initially possessing Spider-Man, the symbiote suit’s best known host has been Eddie Brock aka Venom. During Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s epic run on the character, they redefined his mythos, introducing Knull aka the King in Black–the dark god of the symbiotes. After vanquishing Knull, Eddie ascended to the role. As the new King in Black, Eddie has tangled with Meridius, a future incarnation of the King–and in this new cosplay, Eddie has been usurped by Iron Man.

Symbiote suits such as the one worn by Venom give their hosts great powers, and the god they worship is even more powerful, allowing him to kill other gods–and now this awesome power is in the hands of Tony Stark. Mike dd3d’s cosplay invokes such a nightmarish scenario, and seems to confirm fans’ worst fears over what Iron Man would do if he had a symbiote. There are few characters in the Marvel Universe smarter than Iron Man, and he has clearly used it to gain control of not only his symbiote, but the entire hive as well. This Iron Man-Venom mashup has altered himself to look like Meridius–a sign that Iron Venom will be bad news for the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Over the years, Marvel has shown a number of characters get a symbiote suit, be it in the comics or in variant covers. Some of these mash-ups are awesome and others are nightmare fuel. This cosplay from mike_dd3d takes this a step further, bringing Iron Venom, the perfect Iron Man/Venom mashup, to terrifying life.

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