The gradual progression of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits speak not only to his mechanical genius, but also his ingenuity and creativity. Good can always be better, and Iron Man is proving it yet again by somehow making his strongest armor even more impressive.

From the famous Hulkbuster to limitless nanotech (and even including a symbiote Iron Man armor too), Tony Stark has gradually transformed himself from a human genius in a metal suit to a god-tier hero, and no armor has ever proven that sentiment more true than the hologram armor of Iron Man 2020. A suit with no physical construct, limited only by his own imagination. But as immensely powerful as that virtual suit proved to be, it is nothing compared to his new, upgraded Hologram Armor.

I Am Iron Man Comic Hologram Armor

In I Am Iron Man #1 by Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande, a time-traveling antagonist is sliding through history looking for the most entertaining version of Iron Man to fight. In the process, readers get a glimpse at Iron Man through the ages, from his first-gen suit to his most recognizable red and gold armor. This time-sliding troublemaker also brings readers to Iron Man’s future, revealing Iron Man’s Hologram Armor like it’s never been seen before.

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Iron Man’s Hologram Armor Gets A Kaiju-Sized Upgrade

Iron Man 2020 armor

This upgraded version of the Hologram Armor is just as it sounds – a translucent, seemingly holographic vision of Iron Man the size of a giant, with Tony Stark operating it from the center of the hologram-suit’s chest. This armor isn’t just for show, either, as when the giant-golems attack Stark, he initiates his suit and instantly becomes the size of a Kaiju before crushing the villainous giants with a single strike. When the guitar-wielding time-traveler launches an additional attack that seemingly impales Stark through his suit, the armor is revealed to be even more high-tech than previously thought. Even the pilot Tony was a projection, all being controlling remotely. Taking things further, the entire city around them is revealed to be part of the Hologram Armor. An ingenious trick that resulted in Tony Stark’s victory.

The illusions created by this armor are matched only by the very real power the armor wields. Unlike Mysterio’s tricks and illusions, Iron Man’s Hologram Armor is much more than just an empty hologram. It’s a suit of armor that packs a mean punch, both physically and psychologically. This armor allows Stark to not only become the size of a Kaiju in battle, but also completely engulf his enemies, making them question what is even real.

All incredible upgrades to this unbelievably high-tech suit–proving that this version of Iron Man’s Hologram Armor is a vast improvement from the suit fans previously thought was his strongest.

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