SPOILER warning for episodes 1-5 of Love Is Blind Season 4

Irina Solomonova and Micah Lussier opened up about their mean girl behavior during Love Is Blind season 4. The first five episodes of the hit Netflix dating series were released on March 24. This covered the show’s signature pod phase, when contestants get to know each other through a wall. After becoming best friends, Irina and Micah drew scorn for their treatment of the other girls.

Irina and Micah spoke about their mean girl reputations with EW, claiming their actions were a “coping mechanism” from the stress of Love Is Blind‘s most dramatic pod phase ever. Micah said laughing and joking around helped her “feel like a normal person,” though she admitted “maybe sometimes the jokes didn’t land or…didn’t look the best.” Irina repeatedly emphasized they were never intentionally mean to the other women. “[Hearing] that I hurt people’s feelings genuinely breaks my heart,” she said, admitting there are “some bridges that I’ll have to mend and conversations I’ll have to have.” Ultimately, Irina cemented her villain status by flirting with Micah’s fiancĂ© Paul Penden.


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Love Is Blind’s Irina Explains Flirting With Paul & Rejecting Zack

Irina from Love Is Blind season 4

“Flirting with Paul in the pool, that was not who I am. That’s not my character,” Irina added, blaming alcohol and her insecurities about Zack Goytowski. The 26-year-old insisted she’d never seriously pursue her BFF’s fiancĂ©. “It was more in the sense of realizing the connection I had with him, I want that with my future husband,” she explained, “And I didn’t have that with Zack.” While Irina admitted to losing interest in the lawyer once she saw him, the Russian native told EW she tried to make things work.

Irina and Micah’s insistence that they never meant to hurt their Love Is Blind co-stars doesn’t line up with their actions. They constantly gossiped, eavesdropped, rolled their eyes, laughed at others’ pain, and manipulated both Paul and Zack. Knowing Bliss Poureetezadi was her main competition, Irina told Zack the 33-year-old was a mean girl. But this was a complete fabrication, as she was actually the mean one. Her instant disregard of Zack once the pod phase ended made this treatment of Bliss even worse.

The first five episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 ended on a shocking cliffhanger as Zack realized Bliss was the better choice and hoped to win her back. Viewers will see how that resolves when the next batch of episodes is released on March 31. It also remains to be seen if Micah and Paul actually get married. Like her bestie, Micah was also in a love triangle and treated competition Amber Wilder horribly as well. Considering Love Is Blind usually has a reunion, the wronged parties may get a chance to call out Irina and Micah to their faces.

Love Is Blind season 4 streams Fridays on Netflix.

Sources: EW, Irina Solomonova/Instagram

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