Invincible season 2 is expected to continue one major comic book storyline, and a season 1 villain can help do this. The Invincible TV show stayed mostly accurate to the original comic book series, with Robert Kirkman’s world being translated almost perfectly onto screen through the use of animation. There was one strange change to the story in season 1, but a specific villain can right this wrong in Invincible season 2.

Invincible follows Mark Grayson, a young high school student who learns that he has superpowers due to his dad, Omni-Man, being a member of a powerful alien race known as Viltrumites. Near the Invincible season 1 ending, Omni-Man murdered an agent from the Global Defense Agency named Donald Ferguson. Those familiar with Robert Kirkman’s original comics, however, would have realized that something was not quite right with this scene.


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D.A. Sinclair Can Be Behind Donald’s Cyborg Transformation

D A Sinclair builds an army of Reanimen in Invincible

In the comics, Donald Ferguson is a cyborg, with the character being a former superhero that joined the GDA. Ferguson’s cybernetic enhancements are never discussed in the show, with many presuming that it would be saved for a big reveal later in the series. However, when Ferguson is killed by Omni-Man, he bleeds and dies, and there are no hints of him being more than human. It would be weird to completely cut Donald Ferguson’s cyborg storyline, but Invincible season 2 has the perfect villain to bring this arc back: D.A. Sinclair.

D.A. Sinclair was a minor side villain in Invincible season 1, and was obsessed with turning humans into cyborgs. He was easily defeated by Mark and apprehended, but it was later revealed that Sinclair had been hired by Cecil to make robots for the GDA. It only makes sense that Cecil would get D.A. Sinclair to make Donald Ferguson a robot body in Invincible season 2, saving his friend and bringing the comic storyline back.

Invincible Season 2 Can Make Donald’s Comic Story Better

Omni-Man stands over a fearful Donald in Invincible

Having D.A. Sinclair turn Donald Ferguson into a cyborg after his death is an interesting departure from the Invincible comics, but a welcome one. In the comics, Ferguson is always a cyborg, and enjoys some degree of presence throughout the events of the story. Donald Ferguson dying in the Invincible show makes things more interesting, as his death and transformation into a cyborg become part of the events of the story, rather than just something that happened prior to the main narrative.

Invincible season 2’s handling of Donald Ferguson’s storyline also makes the series better due to its connection to Cecil. Cecil’s motives are still unknown, with the character’s mysterious actions making him seem like he could be a surprise villain. Having Donald Ferguson be transformed into a cyborg hints that Cecil could be up to something, as collaborating with villains like D.A. Sinclair is rarely a sign of virtue. Donald Ferguson’s story may have been changed from the comics, but it looks likely to get a lot more interesting in Invincible season 2.

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