Indiana Jones and Tintin are the ultimate duo in a pitch perfect new mashup fanart featuring the adventurers crossing paths for the first time. Indy and Tintin have gained reputations as some of popular culture’s most iconic treasure hunters. The Adventures of Tintin comic by HergĂ© became incredibly popular in Belgium and eventually found their way overseas, even receiving a film adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg that hit the big screens in 2011. Titin would even make history as one of many Belgian comic heroes added to the country’s passports. Meanwhile, Indiana Jones’ name has become one of the most well-recognized in adventure with a legacy of classic stories under his belt.

These two icons of popular culture will forever be remembered for their thrilling adventures, but an unexpected mashup between the two showed just how well they could work together. Instagram user Adam Murphy recently shared a tremendous collection of artwork featuring Dr. Jones coming face-to-face with the legendary Belgian adventurer. These incredible illustrations feature Indiana in Tintin’s art style as he meets him in iconic locations from the films including Cairo from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Tintin and Indiana Jones Are the Perfect Team

Knowing Indiana and Tintin’s sense of adventure, it’s amazing to think that a team-up between the two was never considered before. They both have a strong passion of global travel to find legendary treasure, so seeing the two interact as Tintin handles the map while Dr. Jones fights off villains is a sight to behold. What’s even more interesting, though, is how the art creates a friendship between Indiana Jones and Captain Haddock. Murphy’s crossover between the two franchises features Dr. Jones and Haddock enjoying a drink together. While Indy is dedicated to finding treasures that he can put in a museum, he’s not afraid to have some downtime, so a partnership between him and Haddock makes a lot of sense.

Solo Fanart Suggests Indiana Jones is a Live-Action Tintin

Before Indiana Jones happened upon Tintin in Murphy’s work, the artist created a series of fanart that featured Indy’s adventures across the movies depicted in the Tintin art style. It’s quite clear to see based on this artwork just why a team-up between the two on Murphy’s Instagram was inevitable. In a way, Indiana Jones is the live-action version of Tintin. He’s always finding himself whisked away on global adventures trying to seek out treasure before an opposing force can. He finds himself constantly in danger and needing to fight to protect himself. He even occasionally pairs up with an older sidekick who helps him on his quest to find historical artifacts. The two share a lot in common, so their pairing makes a ton of sense.

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It would be incredible to see these two come together in an official comic. Murphy’s artwork suggests a crossover would be a fun romp where the two get along very well and put their heads together without one being overshadowed by the other. This mashup fanart of Tintin and Indiana Jones is a match made in heaven that deserves a ton of attention from fans of both franchises.

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