Indian Matchmaking star Sima Taparia may not have a good success rate for the fees that she charges, but it’s not like the clients that come to her are the best potential partners that anyone can get. A matchmaker from Mumbai, Sima has clients from across the U.S., the UK, and multiple cities in India. They feature in the popular Netflix reality TV show.

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix focuses on the arranged marriage process in a modern area of dating apps, and barely has any couples that stayed together after the show ended. Matchmaking is a tough process, and as Sima matches biodatas, the show continues to churn out season after season of entertainment. The series is a guilty pleasure, and it’s hard to ignore it, despite its flaws.



10 Aashay Shah

Aashay SHah Indian Matchmaking wearing gray shirt

Indian Matchmaking season 3 had a happy ending for Aashay and Viral Joshi. Viral was picky and demanding when she asked Sima to find her a husband. However, when she met Aashay, there was instant chemistry. Aashay the optometrist was first seen in season 2. Aashay never went on dates with anyone but Viral, meaning that he had faith in Sima’s matchmaking skills. Although Viral threw a tantrum when Aashay was running a few minutes late for their lunch date due to traffic, he still believed Sima had performed well. In fact, he never once complained about Viral to Sima, as most other clients would have done.

9 Priya Ashra

Priya went through a divorce because her partner was untrustworthy. After she couldn’t find a match on dating apps as a divorcee, Priya turned to Sima for help. Priya knew what she wanted, which made Sima’s job easier. It was Sima who wanted Priya to date a bald man, even though Priya wanted a guy with a top knot. She didn’t waste Sima’s time by meeting the first match, and was clear about why she didn’t want to date Bobby Seagull or Jai Vasani. Vim Kansara ticked all the right boxes, and she even took Sima’s advice when Priya felt Vim was moving too fast, by continuing to date him.

8 Vyasar Ganesan

Among all the participants in Indian Matchmaking season 1, Vyasar was perhaps the most endearing. The Austin-based schoolteacher Vyasar left Sima beaming with happiness after their first meeting. This is a very rare occurrence, as Sima has a taunt to spare after meeting almost every client. “He’s such a loving person,” Sima had told the cameras, and was even personally disappointed when Vyasar’s first match rejected him. Sima believed Vyasar was a nice person who would keep any woman he was with, “happy.” When the show ended, even though Sima wasn’t able to help him, Vyasar was thankful that Indian Matchmaking‘s Sima tried.

7 Viral Joshi

Viral Aashay Still Together Sima Married In Indian Matchmaking Season 3 talking on park bench

Viral, a girl boss from Durham, didn’t want to be a damsel in distress after getting married, like some women she knew. The 30-year-old wanted to share her cool life with someone who matched her vibe, and refused to make sacrifices. Viral had a long checklist, and Sima knew she could provide Viral with a proposal that was a 60-70% match. She did so by introducing her to Aashay. Viral met Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta, and their rejections made Sima call Viral, “superficial.” However, Sima may have realized that Viral was a very focused client, who knew exactly what she wanted, and trusted Sima to find her a partner.

6 Nadia Jagessar

nadia jagessar Indian Matchmaking yellow dress smiling CROPPED

Nadia had a whirlwind romance with Vinay Chadda after Sima set them up, which ended when Vinay shamelessly ghosted her. However, if Nadia received sympathy on season 1, she was declared the villain of season 2. That’s because she dumped Shekhar, who had even met Nadia’s family at the end of the first season. Nadia threw a mixer for Sima where she bumped into Vishal, who is seven years younger than her. Sima was against this relationship, and Nadia split with Shekhar over FaceTime, leaving him heartbroken. However, Nadia did get her just desserts when Vinay dumped her because he didn’t feel a romantic connection.

5 Pradhyuman Maloo

Pradhyuman Maloo In Indian Matchmaking Ashima wearing suit at table

Pradhyuman’s the only Indian Matchmaking cast member to have gotten married on the show, but it wasn’t to any of the matches that Sima found for him. The Mumbai-based jewelry designer was one of the most difficult clients Sima dealt with, thanks to his self-absorbed nature. Pradhyuman turned down almost all matches Sima gave him, because he felt they weren’t attractive or impressive enough.

Pradhyuman infamously rejected 150 girls, but eventually gave his nod to Delhi model, Rushali Rai. However, in IM season 2, Pradhyuman married an entirely different model, Ashima. He’d met her at a party, which seemed to prove that he didn’t value Sima’s matchmaking skills at all.

4 Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao: Netflix Indian Matchmaking talking cameras dark background

An author by profession, and the host and founder of a popular podcast, Srinivas went on a date with Aparna Shewakramani, and got along well with the hard-to-please Houston woman. Aparna’s mother disapproved of the seven-year age gap between Aparna and Srini, but after the date ended, there was a feedback session with Sima. That’s when Aparna’s mother called the man, “Srini the loser.” According to Aparna, there were things that happened with Srini that made her uncomfortable, which weren’t shown on Indian Matchmaking. She claimed the comments were not about his career or podcast, which suggests that Srini wasn’t a good client for Sima, and seemingly damaged her reputation.

3 Akshay Jakhete

Akshay Jekhate: Netflix Indian Matchmaking talking to cameras dark background

The eligible Mumbai-based Akshay became Sima’s client when his mother approached her to find his son a wife, but of course, there were plenty of conditions. Akshay’s mom expected the girl to be flexible, and Akshay revealed that he wanted his future wife to be exactly like his mother. The request was odd and repulsive, but Sima went all out when she picked out the best matches for Akshay. However, alas, Akshay rejected 70-80 of Sima’s proposals. He did say yes to a woman named Radhika, and had a pre-engagement ceremony with her. Nonetheless, as predicted, after the show was over, Akshay revealed that he and Radhika were no longer together.

2 Vikash Mishra

Vikash from Indian Matchmaking with Sima talking inside in front of door

The 41-year-old emergency room doctor described himself as the life of the party. However, he admitted that he was picky when it came to dating. Sima heard Vikash out when he revealed that he wanted a wife between the ages of 32 and 42, who was taller than 5’3.” She needed to be able to give him plenty of babies.

Vikash also shockingly revealed that he preferred to marry a woman who was a Brahmin caste, i.e. from the same “community” as him. This request bothered Sima, since Vikash did not practice the caste’s traditions himself. He wanted a wife who could speak Hindi, but problematically rejected an Indian-born match because she had an accent. He chose to partner up with an American woman 11 years younger than him instead.

1 Aparna Shewakramani

Possibly the most infamous of all Indian Matchmaking cast members, Aparna was reality TV gold, but a pain in the neck for Sima, due to her incessant demands. Aparna, who had once rejected a man for not knowing there are salt flats in Bolivia, told the cameras that she hated comedy. She didn’t like it when her date spoke to a waiter at a restaurant.

While Aparna may have wanted to come across as someone who spoke her own mind, Sima labeled her, “picky” and “demanding.” Aparna blamed Indian Matchmaking for painting her in a bad light by editing her clips, and soon confessed to having broken up with Sima because their values didn’t align.

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