• Imani Wheeler didn’t have enough time to make connections on Love Island USA due to entering the villa late, which hindered her chances of finding a strong match.
  • Despite being beautiful and having a great personality, Imani had a limited pool of male islanders to choose from, similar to previous seasons where likable contestants had difficulty finding compatible partners.
  • It is unfortunate that Imani didn’t have a fair chance on Love Island USA, but hopefully, she will have better luck finding love outside of the show.

Imani Wheeler was dumped from the Love Island USA villa and didn’t get a fair chance on the series. Imani had coupled up with Kyle Darden at Casa Amor, but the pair didn’t last very long, which sent Imani looking for connections elsewhere. She initially went after Carston “Bergie” Bergersen, who she’d gone on one date with but didn’t feel a romantic connection to.

Unfortunately, Bergie only wanted to be with Taylor Smith, but he respectfully told Imani this, and she understood. She soon found a connection with Isiah “Zay” Harayda, but Zay didn’t feel much of a romantic connection with her, and the two were ultimately eliminated. While Imani was in two Love Island USA couples, it still feels like she didn’t get a fair chance on the island.

Imani Entered The Love Island USA Villa Too Late In The Game

Bergie & Imani Love Island USA

Timing really is everything at the Love Island USA villa. Some islanders enter on day one and have all season to find a connection or multiple connections, like Destiny Davis, who is currently in her fifth couple of the season. However, Imani entered the villa as a bombshell right before Casa Amor began. This gave her very little time to get to know all the male islanders at the villa before splitting up from them to spend time with the Casa Amor bombshells. She ended up coupling up with Kyle, but she may have had a stronger connection at the villa had she had more time with those islanders.

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She initially was making a connection with Jonah Allman, but Casa Amor prevented her from further pursuing that connection, and he ended up coupling up with Taylor Chemlka. Imani may have even realized earlier on that she had feelings for Bergie instead of realizing it after he already got to know Taylor. Also, had Imani entered the villa earlier, she would have gotten to know Victor Gonzalez and had more time with Harrison Luna before his elimination.

Imani Was A Very Underrated Love Island USA Contestant

Love Island USA's Imani Wheeler

Imani is undeniably beautiful and has a great personality, which should have made her a top choice for any of the male islanders. However, the pool of men Imani had to choose from seemed very small. This is similar to Love Island USA season 4 when fan-favorite contestant Sereniti Springs, who was beautiful and hilarious, had a hard time making a connection with the male islanders. Unfortunately, it seems the show has a habit of bringing on very likable contestants but not having any partners that are compatible with them or who appreciate how incredible they are. Imani’s Love Island USA situation is unfortunate, but hopefully, she’ll have better luck with love in the real world.

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