Cirroc Lofton hasn’t played Jake Sisko since Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ended in 1999, but the actor shares his ideas on what the son of Captain Benjamin Sisko’s (Avery Brooks) has been doing in the decades since DS9 ended. Lofton played Jake for all 7 seasons of DS9 and he has helped create new interest in his classic series thanks to The 7th Rule, a hit Star Trek podcast he founded with the late Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog on DS9. The 7th Rule reviewed every episode of DS9 and is now reviewing each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with co-host Ryan T. Husk and Denise Crosby, who played Lt. Tasha Yar on TNG.


Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant to promote The Sisko Day, a celebration of Captain Sisko and Avery Brooks established by The 7th Rule, Cirroc Lofton was asked about where he thinks Jake Sisko is in the continuing post-DS9 timeline. Naturally, Lofton has considered where Jake is and what he has been doing. Read his response and quote below:

I have thought about it. And because there’s no real closure to how Sisko leaves from Jake’s life, I would imagine that Jake would be seeking that kind of closure and be trying to communicate with his father in some way or another. If that meant studying the Bajoran faith, if that meant trying to have an experience with the orbs and seeking those orbs to find contact The Sisko, I think he would do something to that effect. The other thing I contemplate is that he might be in one of those Bajoran solar sail ships that he took a trip with his dad in, and maybe take a solo trip trying to find himself and reflect on the memories that he had with his dad. So I think those are the kinds of things Jake could be doing.

How Jake Sisko Can Return In Star Trek On Paramount Plus


Jake Sisko remains popular with Star Trek fans, and he is a beloved character that fans hope to see in Paramount+’s new Star Trek series. Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy both take place in the post-DS9 late-24th century, while Star Trek: Picard is set at the dawn of the 25th century. Jake is all grown up in this timeframe, and he can easily appear in his capacity as a reporter for the Federation News Service. While there has been no indication in Star Trek TV canon that Captain Sisko has returned from becoming one with the Prophets of Bajor at the end of DS9, heartwarmingly, Cirroc Lofton’s ideas for Jake’s activities involve trying to find closure with his father, echoing one of DS9′s most poignant episodes, “The Visitor,” which was about the loving bond between Ben and Jake Sisko.

Of course, Cirroc Lofton’s preference if he were to reprise Jake Sisko would be a full-on reunion with the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The other DS9 actors seem to be on board with a comeback, although it’s questionable whether Avery Brooks himself is interested in returning as Captain Sisko. Star Trek: Lower Decks included two DS9 actors in a well-received season 3 crossover episode, but fans clamor for a return of live-action DS9. No doubt, any Jake Sisko comeback would center on his father, Captain Sisko, and the Sisko family. Cirroc Lofton’s ideas are a solid foundation to build Jake Sisko’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine revival upon.

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