Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy shared why he lashed out at Tom Sandoval at the season 10 reunion. The reunion episode has not yet aired, but the trailer that has been released shows James calling out Tom for his affair with Raquel Leviss and the two nearly getting into a physical altercation. Tensions were definitely at an all-time high, as James didn’t hold back his feelings on the matter.


The entire scandal where Tom cheated on his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with Raquel, who all star on Vanderpump Rules, all came to a head at the end season 10. With the upcoming reunion, James explained his behavior to E! News and why he decided not to hold back. “There was enough for me to get heated about. I’ve been working a lot on my anger recently, but like, that was just a bit too much.” He said that he knew he needed to control his temper a bit, but he wasn’t sure when he would ever get the chance to tell Tom how he really felt if he didn’t do it then.

James Doesn’t Doubt The Future Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’

 James Kennedy at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion

The whole cast was obviously affected by the scandal, with Ariana taking the worst of it, as she was the one who was cheated on. However, many of her co-stars came to her defense and had her back by the looks of things. “We’re all still friends,” James shared, “I’m still talking to Tom Schwartz. Sandoval made a big boo boo and Raquel never really contributed much to the show regardless. So I’m not doubting the show.” There has been a lot of speculation about who will return for Season 11 of the show after all the drama has gone down. James just said, “It’s going to be complicated.”

Going forward, Vanderpump Rules is set to continue, but it would definitely be tricky if Tom, Ariana, and Raquel all remain in the cast. The reunion is set to be tense and there have been many reports about how uncomfortable everyone was. After the finale episode aired, there have been all sorts of reactions, and people being upset with Tom all over again. The reunion is sure to stir up even more controversy. One thing that is for certain, is that it is fair for the rest of the cast to be upset with Tom and Raquel. Not only did they go behind Ariana’s back, but everyone else’s on the show as well.

By sneaking around production and all of their friends, it took betrayal to a whole other level. Despite rumors of the whole scenario being made up, hopefully, no reality show would take messing with people’s lives this far just for some ratings. While shows like this are known to be a bit scripted and heavily edited, this kind of scandal being made up would just be cruel to the people involved. Hopefully, everyone is able to move forward with life and find happiness, especially Ariana. Whether that involves being a part of Vanderpump Rules still or not, they’re all real people going through real experiences and that should be validated.

Source: E! News/Brett Malec, James Kennedy/Instagram

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