Bruce Banner messed with his own psyche creating the opening for his projection of his father to resurface in the form of Titan, the deadliest Hulk.

Warning: SPOILERS for Hulk #12Marvel Comics finally explains the origins of Hulk‘s deadliest form, Titan. Described as “the Hulk’s Hulk“, Titan is actually Bruce’s father, Brian Banner, or actually Bruce’s traumatic projection of his abusive father inside his own shattered mind.

In Hulk #12, by Ryan Ottley, Donny Cates, Cliff Rathburn, and Marte Gracia, Bruce Banner comes face to face with his darkest self. The issue reveals that compartmentalizing his mind into a Mind Palace using a mix of magic and technology left it uniquely vulnerable to trauma Bruce hasn’t dealt with yet, creating this new persona and the deadliest Hulk form who ever appeared. Titan is, in fact, the lingering trauma created by Brian Banner in his son, and this twisted phantom personality has now taken full control of “Spaceship Hulk”.

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Titan Is Bruce’s Projection Of His Abusive Father

titan brian banner takes over hulk

For the duration of the current Hulk storyline, which took off after the end of the memorable Immortal Hulk series, fans have been wondering how Bruce Banner managed to transform Hulk into a “spaceship” that he can pilot from a “control room” created inside his own mind. The mystery got even deeper when a new Hulk form emerged, the most destructive ever, calling himself Titan. Meanwhile, a ghost haunted Bruce’s Mind Palace, taking the form of his wife Betty, or, even worse, of his abusive father Brian. It is now clear that, whatever Bruce has done to his mind to transform it into a Control Room for the Hulk, left it even more fragmented and vulnerable than usual, opening the way for Titan to take over.

Bruce has a long history of manifesting new Hulk forms controlled by his memory of Brian, such as the Guilt Hulk, who actually has a lot in common with Titan. The Guilt Hulk embodies all of Bruce’s guilt, shame, and regrets, and he first appeared when Doc Samson tried to reconcile Bruce’s warring personalities through hypnotism and psychotherapy. The Guilt Hulk interfered with the treatment, tormenting Bruce and the Hulks by replacing Brian in his memories. From Titan’s words and actions, it seems he has a similar personality as the Guilt Hulk and the same purpose: taking full control of Bruce’s body to manifest in the real world.

Bruce Messing With His Own Mind Created The Opening For Titan To Emerge

Hulk Titan Cover

It’s still unclear who helped Bruce in building his Mind Palace, as this issue established that it was neither Samson nor Doctor Strange, who are now rushing to Bruce’s rescue. Whoever it was, this was a terrible decision. Messing with Bruce’s fragile psyche created the perfect occasion for his worst instincts to resurface in the form of Titan, the deadliest form of Hulk that ever appeared.

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Hulk #12 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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