Homing Missiles are a core weapon available in Armored Core 6 as one of your mech’s main tools against multiple targets. Here’s how to use them.

Several weapons in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon can fire homing missiles, giving your mech a tool to use against multiple targets in crowded missions. Acting as projectiles that deal explosive damage, tracking missiles rarely miss their target, so you can deal consistent damage. However, you have to understand how lock-on systems work to make your shots go after the right enemies.

Both hand- and shoulder-based weapon parts use homing missiles as their main attack in the evolved mech warfare of Armored Core 6. The properties of each weapon could be vastly different, ranging from a volley of shots fired upward before falling onto a target to a set of rockets launched forward. Make sure to go into the training room with your mech build to experiment with new weapons and see what they can do.

How Homing Missiles Work In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Mech Using Homing Missiles to Fire Rockets at Multiple Targets

Homing missiles target whatever enemy your mech’s lock-on targets, but you can track multiple targets by holding down the fire button. While controlling your mech, you can switch between two different lock-on modes, known as “soft-lock” and “hard-lock.” Soft-lock will target whoever is closest to where you point the camera in Armored Core 6, but hard-lock will focus your entire attention on one target only.

Hard-lock targeting forces your mech’s perspective around a single target, making it almost impossible to miss shots against it and limiting your movement abilities.

If you want to hit a few targets with a volley of homing missiles, stay in soft-lock mode and hold down the fire button. Thankfully, whatever weapon you use will not take longer to recover when you choose to attack more than one enemy. Instead, the attack will spread damage to different sources, taking out small units in one shot when you get surrounded by a group of hostiles.

While tracking missiles are incredibly simple to use against single targets like bosses, they can be tricky to manage in Armored Core 6‘s PvP multiplayer battles. The speed of human-controlled mechs makes it challenging to keep a lock-on going, so keep your distance so that your opponent doesn’t leave your line of sight. This way, you can use your homing missiles at mid-range to hopefully score a few hits on your target in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

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