Legendary rapper Lil Wayne can be unlocked by players of NBA 2K23 by completing a specific challenge, with decent stats that can be used in myTeam.

Famous rapper Lil Wayne makes his way into NBA 2K23 as a guest character for players to unlock for their myTeam by completing a special challenge. The update that includes the celebrity “Yeezy” comes with a few changes and balance adjustments, but players will only need to look for the offered card shown on the menu. Similar to previous guest athletes such as Deebo Samuel, Dak Prescott, and Jalen Ramsey, there are no restrictions during the challenge event that would prevent players from unlocking Lil Wayne quickly.

For a limited time only, the Lil Wayne Spotlight Challenge may be found in the main myTeam section of NBA 2K23, asking players to win a game against Lil Wayne, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal. In addition, the Season 4 Crossover Series character has a ruby card that players can use after defeating the challenge in the Triple Threat mode on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher. Players win a game in this mode by scoring 21 points before the enemy team of AI-controlled athletes.

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How To Use Lil Wayne in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Crossover Series with Lil Wayne as Playable Athlete, with Ruby Card Unlocked through Special Challenge

The 40-year-old musician and songwriter stands at 6’1″ on their card, a far cry from the real-life height of 5’5″. Marked as a point guard or shooting guard, Lil Wayne sports decent stats with an Overall Rating of 89. While players aren’t going to use Yeezy as a three point shooter in NBA 2K23, the other scores they have as a player make them above average on offense, such as a 95 in Offensive Consistency.

Lil Wayne Attributes Breakdown



Inside Scoring

  • Driving Layup – 86
  • Standing Dunk – 75
  • Driving Dunk – 75
  • Draw Foul – 89
  • Post Moves – 69
  • Post Hook – 67
  • Post Fade – 82
  • Hands – 95


  • Shot Close – 85
  • Shot Mid – 84
  • Shot 3PT – 86
  • Free Throw – 94
  • Offensive Consistency – 95


  • Speed With Ball – 85
  • Ball Handle – 86
  • Passing Accuracy – 79
  • Passing Vision – 77
  • Passing IQ – 79


  • Interior Defense – 73
  • Perimeter Defense – 83
  • Help Defense IQ – 83
  • Lateral Quickness – 86
  • Pass Perception – 85
  • Steal – 82
  • Block – 50
  • Defensive Consistency – 85


  • Offensive Rebound – 59
  • Defensive Rebound – 70


  • Speed – 87
  • Acceleration – 87
  • Vertical – 85
  • Strength – 69
  • Stamina – 89
  • Hustle – 89


  • Intangibles – 90
  • Potential – 89

Other builds for characters in NBA 2K23 may be better for an optimized roster in myTeam rather than Lil Wayne, but playing as the iconic rapper has its own novelty that players will find fun. Additionally, with multiple badges available to earn, there remains plenty of incentive to add this ruby card to a player’s collection. Thankfully, players only need to beat the Spotlight Challenge once to unlock Lil Wayne permanently in NBA 2K23.

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