Avada Kedavra, one of three unforgivable curses in the Wizarding world, can be learned in Hogwarts Legacy and is the strongest spell in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to be good or evil and lets them use the deadly curse Avada Kedavra if they choose a dark path. Also known as the killing curse, Avada Kedavra is one of three unforgivable curses, along with Crucio and the Imperious curse. The inclusion of Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy has a large part to play in the Dark Arts Battle Arena that is included in the game’s Deluxe Edition. It is the most powerful curse in the Harry Potter wizarding world, causing instant death. All three unforgivable curses are forbidden in Hogwarts Legacy. Using one, such as Avada Kedavra, impacts a player’s reputation and can affect cutscenes, including the dialogue throughout a playthrough.


Players will have many opportunities to complete side quests in addition to the main story. Collecting field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy, along with completing side quests, allows players to level up their character. All three unforgivable curses, including Avada Kedavra, can be unlocked by doing side missions for Slytherin student Sebastian Swallow. Each curse has a specific side mission that needs to be completed.

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When Does Avada Kedavra Become Available

Players must advance the main storyline to the “Prepare for Your O.W.L.S” Chapter and complete the quest Lodgok’s Loyalty. Players will also need to have completed a long line of Relationship Sidequests with Sebastion Sallow, starting with “In the Shadow of the Undercroft” and continuing to the quest “In the Shadow of the Relic“. The quest to learn Avada Kedavra becomes available at level 28.

Players will need to read the quest prompts carefully, as selecting the wrong choice may lead to players not being able to learn the spell.

How To Learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

Two Dark Wizards casting the Avada Kedavra spell towards the sky in Hogwarts Legacy's trailer.

In the Relationship Sidequest with Sebastion Sallow “In the Shadow of the Relic,” players need to select the following dialogue prompts in order to learn Avada Kedavra:

  • If I hadn’t known how to cast it –
    • Everyone should know that curse.
  • I – could teach you

At this point, Sebastian will begin teaching the player how to use Avada Kedavra and add it to their spell list. If players select either of the other options in this dialogue they won’t learn the spell but be given a second opportunity to learn it later by meeting Sebastian in the Undercroft.

In the follow-up quest “In the Shadow of Fate“, players will be given the choice to turn in Sebastian for using the Killing curse. Turning Sebastian in at this point will result in not having a second chance to learn Avada Kedavra, or the other unforgivable curses, if not learned previously.

While the unforgivable spell has the lengthiest cooldown time, it is worth unlocking it as it will defeat all enemies, including bosses, with one hit, making the final sections of the story much easier for players. It’s also worth mentioning that there are talents that can make Avada Kedavra even more powerful.

One of the biggest decisions to make in Hogwarts Legacy is if players will use the three forbidden curses or not, but those that do will find some of the strongest spells available in Hogwarts Legacy. Avada Kedavra is the last of the three forbidden curses that players can find thanks to Sebastian’s side quests in Hogwarts Legacy and is the strongest spell to have for tough battles.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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