Constantly going through your email to check the status of your recent online orders? Here’s how to view orders inside the Apple Wallet app.

Each online retailer provides their own way to check the status of an order — from web portals to email updates — but users can see some of their orders in one place using the Apple Wallet app. The Apple Wallet app started off small, offering basic functionality, but has grown into a powerhouse. It can now house everything from credit and debit cards to government-issued identification cards. On a temporary basis, Apple Wallet stores boarding passes and vaccination record cards. Going a step further, some users can use their iPhone as a car or house key with Apple Wallet. But the app can also be handy when checking up on an online order.

Before checking to see what current orders might be stored in the Apple Wallet app, it’s important to get an understanding of how the feature works. It’s centered around Apple Pay, the digital payments system that’s used for quick, contactless payments in-store and quick checkouts online. Every time a user makes a purchase using Apple Pay from a participating online storefront on an Apple device, order tracking will be available in the Apple Wallet app. In order for the feature to collect every viable transaction, users should make sure their iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all updated to the latest software version.

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Check Order Statuses With Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

To check the status of an order in the Apple Wallet, start by opening the app on an iPhone. Then, tap the ‘Orders’ button that looks like a shipping box. This will reveal a list of orders compatible with the feature and a handy search bar at the top of the screen. Orders are sorted by year and month, and users can tap on a specific month or year to view orders from that time period. Any current or recent orders will be pinned to the top of the order tracking page in the Apple Wallet app.

Each order stored in the Apple Wallet app will offer a few different types of information about the purchase. Users can view the current order status, an estimated arrival time, or any delays that have come up. Additionally, the order displays each item purchased, the order number, the purchase total, and the status of payment. Once the order has been completed, a green check mark appears at the top of the order card.

If users aren’t seeing any orders in the list, that’s because they haven’t placed an order with a participating merchant just yet. Not all retailers are supported, and small businesses might be more likely to support the feature than big-name brands. For example, stores that use Shopify to manage purchases will display their orders in the Apple Wallet app. Though the feature won’t eliminate the need to constantly check the status of online orders, it’s a nice addition to the Apple Wallet app.

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