Hogwarts Legacy players can search the Headmaster’s Office for the Key of Admittance, which can be used to open a secret room with loot and lore.

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By finding the Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy, players can unlock access to valuable new gear items in a unique location that’s sure to delight fans of Wizarding World lore. However, given the sheer size of Hogwarts Castle and its many hidden secrets, finding the key and figuring out which lock it fits can be tricky. Some fans may already have been clued in by the Key of Admission’s name, but new players might struggle to put the pieces of this particular puzzle together.


To find and use the Key of Admittance, players need to have learned and upgraded the Unlocking Charm Alohomora by tracking down Hogwarts Legacy’s Demiguise statues in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Scottish Highlands. Players need to fully upgrade their Unlocking Charm by collecting a total of 22 Demiguise statues. They also need to have gained access to the Headmaster’s Office, which is off-limits to students. However, players will be able to enter during Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial during the main story, and the office remains accessible afterward.

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How To Find The Key Of Admittance In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Player Looking At Door To Headmaster's Upper Study

To find the Key of Admittance, players need to enter the Headmaster’s Office. The easiest way to reach it is by fast traveling to the Trophy Room Floo Flame in the Grand Staircase area and continuing down the hallway through a metal gate.

Players can find several of Hogwarts Legacy’s hidden Field Guide Pages in the Trophy Room itself. Once players have climbed the spiral stairs to the Headmaster’s Office, they should head through the second door on the left wall. This door has a Level II Alohomora lock that needs to be picked.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Picking Up Key Of Admittance In Headmaster's Upper Study

Outside the door, players will find a small balcony and a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs is another door with a Level III Alohomora lock, leading to the Headmaster’s Upper Study. At this point, the Room with a View achievement might pop up, rewarding players for finding the highest room in Hogwarts Castle. The Key of Admittance can be found on the table to the right of the fireplace.

How To Use The Key Of Admittance In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Player Looking At Key Of Admittance Puzzle Door

The Key of Admittance fits a lock that’s very close by. Players should head back down to the Headmaster’s Office and back down the spiral stairs. At the opposite end of the hallway is a locked door that players can open with the Key of Admittance. Inside, players will find another set of spiral stairs and a big chest that can be looted for a gear piece.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Approaching Hogwarts Book Of Admittance

At the top of the stairs, players will find a neat secret: a room with the Book of Admittance, which magically records the names and birthdates of children who possess enough magic to attend Hogwarts. The Book has a hidden Field Guide page attached, and players can search the two chests nearby to grab some gear they can upgrade or sell to earn some extra Galleons. It’s just one of many nods to Wizarding World lore that players can find in Hogwarts Legacy.

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