In Hogwarts Legacy’s Hall of Herodiana quest, players have to use Accio and Depulso to move blocks to cross three puzzle rooms and claim rewards.

The Hall of Herodiana is one of the biggest secrets Hogwarts Legacy players can find in Hogwarts Castle, featuring a set of devious Depulso and Accio puzzles, and rewards for those who complete them. After completing The Helm of Urtkot main quest, players can speak to Ravenclaw student Sophronia Franklin near the Charms Classroom. Sophronia would love to find out more about Herodiana Byrne, a legendary witch famed for her mastery of the Banishing Charm, and enlists the player’s help in obtaining her outfit from Herodiana’s hidden room in Hogwarts.

After chatting with Sophronia to start this quest, players will need to explore Hogwarts Castle’s Astronomy Wing to find the hidden entrance to the Hall of Herodiana. The quest marker on the map will point players to a specific location, where they can use Depulso to trigger a switch. This will open up a door to the Hall of Herodiana, where players will need to complete three puzzles, using Accio and Depulso to move sets of metal blocks. These puzzles can be a little tricky to figure out, even for curious Ravenclaw students.

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How To Solve The First Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor Student In Hall Of Herodiana First Puzzle Room

Players will have previously learned both Accio and Depulso from their professors, and both spells are among the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy. The first puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana is essentially just practice. All players need to do is use Depulso to push the metal blocks against the far wall and climb up. Players can find Herodiana’s Cape, a cosmetic appearance item that players can apply to their gear, in a chest at the end.

How To Solve The Second Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Hall Of Herodiana Second Puzzle Room Step One

The second puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana is a little more technical. Players should use Accio on the blocks to the right, pulling them over to the left wall. This will connect them with the block on the left wall. After this, players should use Depulso to push the three blocks toward the far wall, then use Accio to pull them toward the right wall. At this point, players can climb up the blocks and collect Herodiana’s Attire.

Players won’t need to have mastered Hogwarts Legacy’s spell combat since there are no enemies in the Hall of Herodiana. However, it’s still possible for players to get knocked out if they accidentally get in the way of moving blocks, so it’s best to cast Accio from a safe distance.

How To Solve The Third Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Hall Of Herodiana Third Puzzle Room Step One

The third and final puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana is the most complex. Players should use Accio to pull the blocks over to the right, and then use Depulso to push them toward the block with the switch. Players can climb up on the blocks on the left wall, then use Accio to pull the blocks over to form a path they can cross.

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Like Hogwarts Legacy’s other puzzles, the third puzzle in the Hall of Herodiana requires players to get their positioning just right. After crossing over the metal blocks, players should use the Basic Cast on the switch to reset the room. This sends the metal blocks back to their starting position, allowing players to pull them toward the far wall using Accio. Players can then use Accio twice: to pull the blocks over to the left wall, and then to pull them towards the player to complete the path.

Players can then climb up and claim Herodiana’s Cap. To complete this quest, all players have to do is exit the chamber and return to Sophronia Franklin to show her the outfit. Oddly, players don’t have to use Hogwarts Legacy’s transmog feature to change the appearance of their gear to the Herodiana cosmetics.

If players choose to show it to Sophronia, she’ll be thrilled to see it regardless of what they’re wearing and players can grab some extra XP for their Hogwarts Legacy adventures.

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