Reposting a Story on Instagram is a great way to re-share Stories that users have been tagged in or simply find worth sharing. However, Instagram stories expire after 24 hours unless they are added to the creator’s Instagram Highlights. Reposting a Story is a great way to extend that timeline and reach more people. Posting a Story on the Instagram app is quite straightforward, but reposting a Story needs to meet certain criteria.

Instagram allows users to repost someone else’s Story if they have been tagged in it and the original poster has enabled resharing. When users are tagged in a Story, they will receive a notification in their Direct Messages with the option to ‘Add to your story.’ Users can then repost the Story in one of two ways – tap on the notification message in their DMs, or visit the Instagram Story on the creator’s profile and tap on the ‘Add this to your story‘ option at the bottom. Next, make any changes such as adding a caption or tags. Finally, post it by tapping the ‘Your Story‘ or the ‘Next’ button at the bottom.

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Only Tagged Users Can Repost A Story

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Users might be unable to repost an Instagram Story because they have not been tagged in it or do not have permission to do so. Instagram users who don’t want their Stories shared by anyone, even those who are tagged in them, can remove the permission in Settings to disable the resharing option. As a workaround, users generally take a screenshot of the Story and add it to their own Stories, while tagging the original creator’s account. This is a common practice among Instagram users, since tagging the creator’s account gives them full credit.

Alternatively, if a user is not tagged in a Story, it can be shared via DM on Instagram, or the link can be copied and shared outside the app via email, text message, or on other social platforms. Unlike Stories, Instagram users can easily share Reels and Posts to their Story, if the reshare option is available. To add Reels or Posts by a different user, tap the Direct Message button below the Reel or Post, and then tap the ‘Add reel to your story‘ or ‘Add Post to Your Story‘ options in the pop-up window.

It is important to note that if a user is tagged in an Instagram Story, their username will be displayed on it. Anyone who has access to the Story can tap on the username to go to their profile. Users cannot remove their username from a Story in which they have been mentioned, but they can report the Story to Instagram. Users can, however, change who can tag them on a Story via Instagram’s Privacy Settings.

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