There are various ways players can increase the Protagonist’s Courage Social Stat in Persona 4 Golden. Here are the many ways it can be done.

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To get the complete Persona 4 Golden experience, players must raise a few of their social stats, including Courage. The protagonist’s social stats can directly result in better support stats during battle and more conversational options when spending time with friends.

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Raising the protagonist’s Courage on specific dates is essential, as some activities are only available on a particular day or time. Increasing Social Stats in Persona 4 Golden is an integral part of the game’s mechanics which players should take full advantage of whenever the opportunity arises.


How To Raise Courage

Persona 4 Golden Social Skills

There are various methods players can use to raise the protagonist’s Courage in Persona 4 Golden. These include exploring reading books, riding the Scooter, and taking part in part-time jobs, amongst other activities:

Part-Time Job

Persona 4 Golden Protagonist talking to the Nurse at the Hospital

Players can start working at the Hospital to raise the protagonist’s Courage Social Link. The protagonist can sign up for the job from the Town Bulletin Board located in the Central Shopping District (North).

Players should finish the 100 Ghost Stories book to earn bonus Courage stat points per shift.

It is important to note that the Hospital job shifts are only available at night on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Eat Rotten & Special Foods

Persona 4 Golden Protagonist and Yu In Dojima's Kitchen

Much like in real life, eating rotten food in Persona 4 Golden requires a bit of Courage. Players can find rotten food in Dojima’s fridge. Yu will let the protagonist know that the food in the refrigerator is either outdated or something she doesn’t recognize. However, it is essential to remember that rotten food only appears on specific dates:

Dates For Rotten Food



Everyday Between 5/30-6/1







Players can also raise multiple social stats, including Courage, by eating at Aiya in Central Shopping District (North).

Read Books

Persona 4 Golden Protagonist Reading Forever Macho in his bedroom

The Protagonist can read books at the High School Library or at Home to raise certain Social Stats in Persona 4 Golden. To increase Courage, players must read certain books focusing on the Courage attribute; some can be easily recognized by their titles. It is also important to note that reading each chapter requires a time slot. Some books in Persona 4 Golden have multiple chapters; therefore, players can conserve on consumed time slots by first finishing the Hyper Reader Book. This will let players read two chapters in one sitting.

  • Man of History: 2 Chapters
  • Guide to Pests: 2 Chapters
  • Man-God: 2 Chapters
  • Forever Macho: 2 Chapters
  • The Lovely Man: 2 Chapters
  • Farewell to Man: 2 Chapters
  • 100 Ghost Stories: 3 Chapters
  • Guide to Pests: 4 Chapters

Ride The Scooter

Scooter Parked outside Dojima's Residence in Persona 4 Golden

Players will be able to ride the scooter after 6/8. Once players get a Scooter License for the protagonist, they can go on a ride to boost the Courage social stat. Once players go on a scooter ride three times, they will be able to go for longer rides for additional Courage social link stats increase in Persona 4 Golden.

Why Raising Courage Is Important

Persona 4 Golden Protagonist having a conversation but does not have enough Courage

Raising courage can result in many benefits that impact the main story. Courage is also entwined with two other social links (Ai Ebihara & Naoto Shirogane). To progress these two social links, players must have a minimum Courage level, i.e., Rank 3 & Rank 5 for Ai and Naoto, respectively. Additionally, other important conversation dialogues are also locked behind the Courage stat, which results in additional stat boosts during conversations with other Social Stat characters in Persona 4 Golden.

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