To craft the sword weapons of the Cat School Gear Set in The Witcher 3, players must procure Flawless Rubies from loot or specific vendors.

If you are looking to craft weapons from the Cat School Gear Set in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will need a Flawless Ruby. The Flawless Ruby is a Relic class Crafting resource that usually boosts Attack power. The Ruby also adds a bonus for backstabbing enemies. Using swords from the Cat School gear set are popular as they can provide extra XP when killing enemies and causing bleeding.

Much like in real life, finding a Flawless Ruby in The Witcher 3 is quite rare and is usually collected from random loot and chests. However, one of the best ways to locate Flawless Rubies is to complete some points of interest quests. If you are stressed for time, you can also buy them from certain blacksmiths that stock them regularly.

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Where To Find Flawless Ruby In The Witcher 3

Blacksmith Hattori of Novigrad in Witcher 3

As mentioned earlier, you can find Flawless Rubies from random loot, and according to Youtuber Jason’s Video Games Source, you can find some in crates in Lighthouses at Lornruk. However, these crates may not contain a Flawless Ruby, and you may have to purchase the gem from one of the vendors. It’s not guaranteed that you will find a Flawless Ruby at every vendor, but according to Pro Game Guides, the below list has proven in the past to stock them:



Fergus Graem

Crow’s Perch, Velen

Unnamed Armorer

Midcopse, Velen

Blacksmith Hattori


Unnamed Armorer

Hierarch Square, Novigrad

Unnamed Blacksmith

Kaer Trolde, Skellige Isles

Unnamed Grandmaster Smith

Beauclair, Toussiant

The best vendor to purchase a Flawless Ruby is from the Grandmaster Smith in Beauclair, Toussiant. It is worth mentioning that you will need to have patience with vendors as they refresh their stock every few hours. Therefore, it would be better to do some of The Witcher 3‘s side quests to earn more Crown while you wait for the stock to replenish. You can also use the “meditation exploit” to fast forward multiple hours, but it still requires strong fortitude on the player’s part. Once the Flawless Ruby is stocked with a vendor, you will need 1,700 crowns or more to purchase it in The Witcher 3.

Source: YouTube/Jason’s Video Games Source | Pro Game Guides/Jordan Tyack

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