Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur Glaive is the newest Exotic weapon that players can shape and modify to their will. The item was added along with the expansion Lightfall’s Season of Defiance, the first one available in Year 6. This is a Void Exotic Glaive with a Vex technology approach to its design, which makes it look somewhat ethereal.

Though obtaining the Vexcalibur in Destiny 2 is not exactly complicated, it is somewhat secretive to start. Therefore, having a guide in hand is the best way to initiate what is necessary to acquire the Exotic Glaive. This is, of course, but one Exotic Weapon that arrived with Lightfall. Players can also grab the Deterministic Chaos Machine Gun with the “Unfinished Business” quest in Destiny 2, for example.

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Vexcalibur’s Location In Destiny 2

An aerial shot of Destiny 2's Trostland Area in the EDZ, showing the main church in the middle surrounded by ruins of buildings and overgrowing vegetation around it.

Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur weapon is obtainable through the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest, but it is not simply thrown into the player’s quest roster. They will first need to unlock it by completing a small puzzle-based side activity. The first step is to head over to the Gulch region in the EDZ destination.

Here, they will need to find and collect six different nodes that look like Vex cube-shaped holograms. They are all in the Gulch area, so if players find themselves leaving, they should turn back. Players can use the descriptions and the map of the Gulch area in Destiny 2 below to find the nodes with more ease.

  • Under the bridge at the Gulch’s starting area, but floating high above the ground (southwestern portion of the area).
  • On top of the Cabal equipment, just north of the first point (southwestern portion of the area).
  • Hidden among trees that overlook the large flooded area, almost completely east of the first point (southeastern portion of the area).
  • Right in the middle of the large flooded area, among a few broken trees (central portion of the area).
  • To the right of the big Cabal door in the flooded area (northern portion of the area).
  • Just above the roadsigns that lead out of the Gulch area (northeastern portion of the area).

Destiny 2's Node locations necessary for unlocking the Avalon quest that unlocks the Vexcalibur Glaive.

Simply passing through the cubes will make players collect them. These Vex items in Destiny 2 should all be collected within 30 seconds of each other, otherwise, they will disappear and players will have to start gathering them again.

After collecting all of them, they should head over to the location of the third node and find a well-hidden cave. There, they will find a harmless Harpy and be able to start the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest, which unlocks Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive.

Inside the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest, players will have to face many Vex opponents while also solving a few shooting-based puzzles to progress. There will be a few challenging encounters along the way, but they are very straightforward. Players can watch KackisHD complete the entire quest below.

The main recommendation is to use a weapon capable of eliminating many enemies at once, such as the Osteo Striga SMG in Destiny 2, or even the Trinity Ghoul Bow. The final encounter is against a variant of Brakion, a classic Hobgoblin-like boss in the game’s vaulted Pyramidion Strike. Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur is awarded after returning to the War Table at end of the activity.

The recommended Power Level for the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest is 1800, so players should prepare duly before trying to claim Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur. It can be done solo or in a group. Once the initial prompt with the Harpy in the Gulch happens, players will be able to start this quest from the EDZ’s map, through an icon. This is because this is a repeatable activity. It does not, however, mean that players will get multiple copies of the weapon.

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Upgrading The Vexcalibur In Destiny 2

Two copies of Destiny 2's Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive.

Instead of mustering up a few Vexcalibur weapons in Destiny 2, players will be able to complete weekly assignments for Catalysts. It should work similarly to how Destiny 2’s Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle did in the Season of the Seraph. Players will be prompted with additional challenges and have to return to the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest to complete specific objectives and acquire the Catalysts. These Catalysts will alter the way the Vexcalibur Glaive plays out.

Players should check back weekly for every new Catalyst they can acquire for the weapon. Alternatively, they can stack up activities and complete them in one or two runs of the “//node.ovrd.AVALON//” quest later in the Season of Defiance.

Regardless, having Vexcalibur in Destiny 2 is a good choice as it is a decent weapon to wield. Unfortunately, it does not reach the standards of the powerful Winterbite, another Exotic Glaive added with Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

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