Destiny 2 added the Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle which is extremely viable in different game modes due to its ability to adapt to any subclass.

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The Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle has just been introduced alongside expansion packs for Destiny 2. It is a strong weapon with many possibilities of combat styles throughout Destiny 2’s game modes. It is also noted that this weapon absorbs grenades which then can be retaliated back at foes making it extremely useful for defeating a large amount of enemies at one time. However, in order to get access to this weapon, players have two different methods. The first is through the real-world money purchase of The Final Shape expansion pack and the second is through in-game currency, purchasing it from the Monument to Lost Lights Kiosk at a later released date.

Once The Final Shape is purchased for around $100 USD, the gifts won’t be added directly in their inventory. Instead, it will be given through a new Special Deliveries Terminal behind the Cryptarch Vendor Master Rahool. Head over and interact with it to find the Tesselation as well as other rewards like an emote and an Exotic Ghost. Much like previous pre-order packages this weapon is predicted to be purchasable with in-game currency around 100,000 Glimmer.

How the Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle Works

Loading a grenade into a Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

The Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 is a unique weapon that adapts to any chosen subclass. This means that you will now be able to have Stasis and Strand in your energy slot. It might become one of the best-ranked Exotic Weapons over time when it becomes more accessible to the public. However, it is not a fast weapon and although it does a lot of damage, it takes a longer time to load. Overall, this weapon could be great for a player looking for high burst damage.

At this time in Destiny 2, the Tesselation does not have any catalyst, but players have high hopes for its upgrades in the near future.

Perks of the Tesselation Exotic

Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle Page Destiny 2

Adding to the hype of the Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle, the perks are very viable for PvE and PvP. Depending on what other ways a player builds their character should also factor into how well they do. The perks to keep in mind for a Tesselation-centered build are:

  • Intrinsic Trait: Property Undecidable – adapts its damage to equipped subclass. Final blows grant grenade energy. Great for use after unlocking every subclass.
  • Trait: Property Irreducible – large projectile that creates an elemental explosion upon impact.
  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling – recoil reduction, more stability.
  • Battery: Projection Fuse – increases rage of attack.
  • Stock: Composite Stock – more stability with a slight handling speed increase.

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