The Star Eagle Ship is a vessel in Starfield that your character can get for free by completing a series of missions for a specific faction group.

One of the few free ships you can get in Starfield is the Star Eagle, a medium-sized vessel that comes into your possession after you complete several missions for a certain faction. Sporting impressive stats, this ship has excellent systems that make it a perfect home as you journey across the galaxy. The Star Eage can be perfect for those looking for a balanced vehicle for interstellar travel.

Similar to how you could unlock the Mantis ship in Starfield, the Star Eagle is a free reward for finishing a specific set of quests. This means that the only Credits you would be spending are on plenty of medical supplies or weapons for the upcoming missions you’ll need to tackle. Having a companion at your side may also help your character meet objectives faster as you try to meet different goals.

How To Unlock The Star Eagle in Starfield

Starfield Star Eagle Ship that Players can Get From Completing Freestar Ranger Missions

You can get the Star Eagle ship by finishing the quests tied to the Freestar Collective, a faction located in Akila City on a planet in the Cheyenne System. To reach this place, you have to go through the story until you reach the City itself. Keep going through the main quests in Starfield long enough until you encounter the bank robbers with Sam Coe to open up a path toward joining the Collective group.

The Marshall of Akila City will recommend you go to Rock Bar and talk to Emma Wilcox to discuss joining the Freestars. To become part of this faction, you need to complete any minor quest from a terminal in the area to start earning their trust. After this has been done, there will be several more adventures to embark on with Emma and the Marshall that you should follow to the end in Starfield.

Joining the Freestars at first through their initiation missions does not put you at odds with other groups like the Vanguard until after you are considered a full member of the Freestar Collective.

The “Surgical Strike” and “On The Run” quests are the last missions you must conclude before receiving the Star Eagle as a final thanks from fellow Freestar Rangers. You will also gain a matching outfit that marks you as a fully-fledged member of the faction, cowboy hat and all. This vessel is arguably one of the best ships in Starfield, hosing up to 5 Crew with a large cargo space and a large amount of Shields.

When you get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield, keep in mind that there are no Shields on your cargo that would prevent others from scanning your new vessel for illegal contraband.

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