Destiny 2’s Necrotic Grip Exotic Armor is one of the best pieces of equipment Warlocks can have as of the Lightfall expansion. The Exotic Arm piece was originally introduced with the Beyond Light DLC, back in 2020, and has been available ever since. Necrotic Grip is a piece that synergizes with the Weapons of Sorrow category, which includes Thorn, Osteo Striga, and Touch of Malice in Destiny 2. The first game in the franchise had the Exotic Auto Rifle Necrochasm, which is not in the current game’s roster.


The Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2 is capable of poisoning opponents with every melee and those that are defeated make the poison spread across a small area. Additionally, it improves the airborne efficiency of Weapons of Sorrow. While shooting Destiny 2’s Osteo Striga from the air is not exactly a common strategy, for example, the armor’s poison buff synergizes with the SMG, making it stack up poison damage until the enemy is fell. It is currently being used with Strand builds as well, improving the overall effectiveness of the already powerful Arcane Needle melee, which is exclusive to Warlocks.

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Destiny 2’s Necrotic Grip Drop Locations

An image of the Destiny 2 Lost Sector symbol painted on a rock in Savathûn's Throne World.

Players who want to grab the Necrotic Grip Exotic in Destiny 2 will have to go through quite a challenge. This piece of armor drops exclusively from Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and can only be obtained if that activity is completed solo. If players are capable of doing this, they will have a chance of dropping the armor. There are a few tricks, the first one is that the featured Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 rotate daily, and the armor prizes change according to body categories.

On one day, a Legend Lost Sector in the EDZ can drop Exotic head armor, while on the following day, the activity will happen on a Lost Sector in Neomuna, and will drop Exotic leg armor. This means that players who want to obtain the Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2 will have to pay attention to the daily rotation and locate the Legend Lost Sector to participate. The catch is that the activity only shows up in the Director if that player has already completed the Lost Sector on Normal difficulty.

To ensure Legend Lost Sectors will appear in the Director, players should clear out all Lost Sectors on Normal difficulty. They can also check TodayInDestiny to see which is the featured Legend Lost Sector of the day.

Another detail is that the drop rate for Destiny 2 Exotic armors in Legend Lost Sectors is extremely low. According to, developer Bungie does not share the percentage, but a Reddit user called LostSectorLoony estimates a 22.85% drop rate. This means players can face the challenge multiple times and end up without a single piece of the Exotic Necrotic Grip. Master Lost Sectors, which are a lot more difficult than Legend, have a higher drop rate, though the exact number is unknown.

The worst point about this is that if Warlocks actually drop an Exotic arm piece in a Legend or Master Lost sector, there is no guarantee that it will be the coveted Necrotic Grip. There is an RNG system behind it, and players can drop other Exotic arms that are exclusive to the activities.

As such, a player running the Lost Sectors in search of Necrotic Grip may, after a dozen tries, end up with Destiny 2’s Osmiomancy Gloves, for example. Though they are free to try again, as many times as they like, the grind behind the activity can be disheartening.

Running Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo can be one of the hardest activities in the game. Depending on the specific Lost Sector, it can be even more difficult than challenging a lengthier Dungeon individually. There are many well-shielded opponents and even champions to face.

Nonetheless, the prospect of grabbing the Necrotic Grip exotic armor may just be enticing enough to justify the endeavor. This is especially true for Warlocks who are keen on improving their Strand builds in Destiny 2.

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Source: TodayInDestiny,, Destiny 2/YouTube

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